Budgets: Fulton Fails; Hannibal, Oswego Passes

A school budget for the 2010- 2011 school year fell by 8 votes in Fulton but passed by nearly 100 votes in Hannibal and by almost 300 votes in Oswego.

Fulton’s budget fell 595-587, a turnout that Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch said was “not a high turnout, but a good turnout.”

Incumbent Board of Education member Brian Hotaling won reelection, while former board member Janet Truong won the other open seat.

In Hannibal, the budget passed 528 – 435.  Former Board of Education member Mike LaFurney won one of the three open seats on the board.  Erin Hess won the second seat.  Both will serve five year terms.  Madeline Pittorf will serve a one year term.  She may not be able to run for reelection. Voters approved reducing the board from 9 members to 7.  Her one-year term and the regular term of current board member Fred Patane will expire next year.  Unless another board member resigns, there will not be an election for seats on the board next year.

A proposition to buy two buses also passed.

In Oswego, the budget was approved by 2031 – 1735.  It won voter approval in eight out of ten voting districts.  Jim Tschudy and Kathleen Allen won terms on the Board of Education.  A bus replacement plan won easy approval.

Budgets have also been approved in APW, Mexico, Phoenix, Pulaski and Sandy Creek.

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  1. Why Tschudy, Oswego? What has the man done besides vote for 22% raises?? I’m saddened by the fact that the populace bought into the scare tactics and gave Bill Crist permission to spend like a drunken sailor. Saddened by the fact that Tschudy will have another 3 years to wreak havoc on the taxpayers. The man has no goals and no comprehension as to what is wrong with the school district. I’m happy to give Kathleen Allen a chance but I am worried about her, Tschudy and DeCastro on the board together.

    I voted, I have a right to complain, but I will say congratulations to the teachers and those who joined them in voting yes and for the winning candidates. I find it unfortunate, but the people have spoken and the teachers have won. I commend Kathleen Allen because while I disagree with her and feel Leighton should have closed, she stepped up to be part of the process. Congratulations and please do not vote for raises.

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