Castaloop USA Becomes Port Of Oswego Authority Partner

OSWEGO, NY –- The board of Directors for the Oswego Port Authority and Castaloop USA Inc. are pleased to announce today (January 30) a strategic alliance in the Port of Oswego’s continued growth and commitment to service the Greater Northern New York region.

Through this agreement, Castaloop USA shall market and represent the Port of Oswego’s commercial interests for the development of new business opportunities while the Port Authority will continue to maintain its quality operational services that the market has come to expect from Oswego.

“’As the port moves forward with an aggressive expansion plan, we see the partnership with Castaloop as a key to accessing new business opportunities,” Bill Scriber, executive director of the Oswego Port Authority, said, “As the only port in New York State on Lake Ontario we are an intermodal transportation center at the crossroads of the Northeastern North American’s shipping market with access to more than 60 million people. As we move forward with Castsloop we are staying true to our mission of creating economic opportunities for both the local community and New York State.”

’’We are proud of the board of director’s confidence in Castaloop’s ability to foster growth for the Port of Oswego and the Greater New York Northern region. We recognize executive director Scriber’s leadership and vision to achieve such an alliance, a first for the Port of Oswego,” said Castaloop USA’s president Philip O’Brien. “As Castaloop continues its growth, it is through such strategic partnerships that we strive to establish our service network of locations throughout the St. Lawrence, Great Lakes and maritimes in sharing our vision with the market: To Make a Difference.’’

About Oswego Port Authority:

The Oswego Port Authority is a New York State Public Authority created by state legislation to serve as an economic catalyst on Lake Ontario and New York State.

About Castaloop:

Castaloop USA Inc, is a Delaware company wholly owned by Castaloop Inc.