Chairman Kevin Gardner Announces Candidacy for Treasurer Position

Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner

OSWEGO NY – Kevin Gardner, Chairman of the Oswego County Legislature, announced today (April 27), his candidacy for the position of County Treasurer.

Gardner is a 13-year veteran of the Oswego County Legislature being first elected in 2004.

Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner

During the early years of his tenure on the legislature, he served as chairman or vice chairman on several of the legislatures jurisdictional committees and in 2012 he was elected by his peers to serve as vice chairman of the legislature.

Gardner, a passionate Republican was soon recognized as a leader who looked beyond his own district and political affiliation in his efforts to reduce spending and stabilize property taxes.

In 2013, he as further recognized by his colleagues when they elected him as chairman, the highest position in county government.

Gardner’s reputation as a faithful steward of the taxpayers’ dollars and his ability to bring opposing factions to consensus on the most difficult of issues has kept him in the chairman’s seat ever since.

During his tenure as chairman, he has made tax stability his priority project but he has also managed to build a very proactive leadership team resulting in many new partnerships and exciting initiatives to help the county become a better place to live, raise a family or run a business.

If elected, Gardner promises to continue his fiscal prudence as the county’s treasurer.

“We need to continue our efforts to stabilize taxes for our constituents” he said. “Costs are rising everywhere so we must do our part to make sure that we deliver the services our residents need and want in the most cost-effective fashion.”

“We worked very hard and fought side by side with the workers at FitzPatrick to make sure that plant stayed operating,” Gardner continued. “There is no reason that we can’t work as hard to make sure that every other person, family or business in Oswego County has the opportunity prosper and grow. Strong fiscal management from the top can help ensure that county government is doing its part to make that happen and I promise that my tenacity as chairman and will not waiver as your treasurer!”