Change Your Clocks – Change Your Batteries

smoke detector

The Oswego Fire Department would like to remind all residents with the turning back of the clocks in the early morning hours on Sunday, it is time again to change the batteries in all of your home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

change batteriesIt has been proven time after time that smoke detectors save lives by alerting residents of the early stages of a fire.

Monthly testing, changing detector batteries twice a year, as well as replacing the detector (after no longer than 10 years even if operational) are important ways of keeping them working properly.

Equally as important are carbon monoxide detectors that alarm when low levels of carbon monoxide known as the “silent killer” are present often caused by malfunctioning cooking or heating devices or the failure of their ventilation systems, be it they are improperly installed, clogged, or a malfunction.

These are simple and inexpensive ways of helping keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Also consider checking on the detectors of elderly family, neighbors, and friends who may not have the means to properly check these themselves.

This is important year around but especially heading into the home heating and holiday seasons when heating devices and  electrical services are stressed as well as the use of candles increases.

The Oswego Fire Department will install smoke detectors for Oswego city residents that do not have the proper protection.

For more information call the Oswego Fire Department at 343-2161.