Christina’s Credits: Minions – Perfect Family Summer Comedy

If you’ve watched Despicable Me, you are familiar with the little yellow henchmen, called simply, minions. They are silly, eager to please, and totally hilarious to adults and kids alike.

Minions, is the prequel to Despicable Me, and unlike so many prequels and sequels, it does not disappoint. The cute yellow fire hydrant lookalikes entranced children during the showing I attended from the opening credits.

Between Geoffrey Rush narrating the oddly precious comedy and the minion’s cute mischief, the film is like a fun bedtime story come to life.

And Minions is a fun ride throughout. The pacing is perfect and your children will not find themselves bored. In fact, they’ll laugh at every comically stupid stunt and smile through every act of kindness.

Minions is a fairly heartwarming film for a story about tiny yellow creatures finding the most nefarious villain to serve. The minions are accepted and treated with compassion despite their “other” status.

The film also features Sandra Bullock voicing the character, Scarlet Overkill, the most powerful villain, who manages to balance both her evil work and a successful marriage.

If you’re worried that it’s too childish to sit through as an adult – don’t even bother sweating it. Minions boasts excellent classic tunes and pop culture references to keep adults, as well as children, happy.

I’d highly recommend the film.

Go see it this weekend and laugh with and at those lovable yellow fire hydrant lookalikes.

(Christina Scriber contributes entertainment/feature news to Oswego County Today. Please feel free to contact her through the Comments section.)