Circle of Security Parenting Series Now Available in Oswego County

OSWEGO, NY – An internationally respected and straight-forward parenting program is now being offered throughout Oswego County.

The Circle of Security Parenting Series offers caregivers the opportunity to learn different ways to strengthen their relationships with their children.

Any adult who cares for children can benefit from this program.

Married parents, single parents, grandparents, stepparents, adoptive parents, and foster parents are all encouraged to join.

The program operates on the belief that all of these individuals are the most important people in children’s lives.

This program is unique because it builds upon each parent’s strengths to promote a strong parent-child relationship.

It focuses on the fact that parenting is indeed a tough job and that children are sometimes hard to understand.

It also reassures parents that they do not need to be perfect, just “good enough.”

Parents will learn how to better understand their child’s emotions, how to have more joy with their child, how to handle tantrums, how to manage their child’s curiosity and energy, and how to make siblings get along better.

The Circle of Security Parenting Series is being offered for free at multiple locations in Oswego and Fulton.

An evening group is beginning September 29 at the Oswego Youth Bureau and a morning group is beginning on October 4 at the Fulton Community School.

All parents who are interested in joining should email [email protected] or call 343-0257 to register.

Meetings are held weekly for 1 ½ hours.

Space is limited, so please register ASAP to reserve a spot.

For more information on the Circle of Security and these groups, visit

This program is sponsored by the Prevention Support Partners of Oswego County through a generous grant from the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau and AmeriCorps.

About the Prevention Support Partners of Oswego County

The Prevention Support Partners assists Oswego County in meeting its goals for promoting community health.

By using both a scientific- and strength-based approach to health promotion, the organization aims to identify and implement evidence-based prevention programs that contribute to positive outcomes in children, adults, and families.

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