CiTi Early Childhood Education Students Practice with Mock Interviews

MEXICO – Nearly 40 students in the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation’s Early Childhood Education program learned firsthand what it’s like to talk with parents during a parent teacher conference.

Early Childhood Education student Megan Coe talking with faculty member Carol Taormina during her mock interview.

Students in the program created a hypothetical student, with a fake report card and talked through that student’s behavior with a volunteer “parent” faculty member at CiTi.

“This is beneficial for the students because it is real-life experience for working with children and parents in the future,” said instructor Beth Britton.

Students were graded by both Britton and the “fake” parents for their conferences.

Students were graded on communication, professionalism, recommendations, among other things.

“This process of mock interviews really helps build our confidence for the future when we have to meet parents,” said student Megan Coe.

Each conference lasted about ten minutes. Britton said each student normally goes into the mock interviews nervous but comes out of them saying that they nailed it and it was easy.

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