CiTi’s CTE Students Earn Honor Roll Status

The Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation’s Career and Technical Education Department has announced those students who have achieved honor roll status in their program for the fourth marking period.

Honor roll is determined by an average of 90 or higher in both their CTE class as well as their other academic courses at CiTi.

The following students reached this outstanding academic achievement, and students marked with an asterisk received this honor all four marking periods:

Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Central School District: Alexis Abbott, Public Safety & Justice; Alexander Barankovich, Construction Technology; William Clement, Nursing Assistant; Anthony Dickinson, Public Safety & Justice; *Elizabeth Eggleston, New Vision Law & Government; Maryanne Farmer, Nursing Assistant; Robbyn Fischer, Culinary Arts; Jermia Gonzalez, Heavy Equipment; *Megan Grondin, New Vision Allied Health; Calista Holst, Culinary Arts; *Breanna Johnson, Early Childhood Education; Shane Kennedy, Construction Technology; Brian Koagel, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; *Michael Mueller, New Vision Specialized Careers; Brandon Parkhurst, Public Safety & Justice; Sarah Ruggaber, Public Safety & Justice; *Kayla Thompson, Public Safety & Justice; Nicholas Trumble, Heavy Equipment; Michael Vincent, Auto Body; Daniel Wescott, Public Safety & Justice and *Justin Woodmancy, Construction Technology.

Central Square School District: *Karleen Aserian, New Vision Allied Health; *Michael Backman, Heavy Equipment; *Samantha Bell, New Vision Allied Health; Stephanie Dagata, Cosmetology; Kaylee Eldred, Cosmetology; *Nicole Fisch, Cosmetology; *Megan Gass, Public Safety & Justice; *Katherine Hanson, Cosmetology; *Zackery Humez, Public Safety & Justice; Justin Kingsley, Auto Technology; John Kisselstein, Welding Technology; Richard Krause, Heavy Equipment; Brooke Markee, Cosmetology; *Kaleb McGill, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Richard Monica Jr., Welding Technology; Breanna Moore, Early Childhood Education; Alan Nystrom, Heavy Equipment; Christopher Pericho, Heavy Equipment; *Amanda Picciott, Cosmetology; Shaina Putman, Cosmetology; *Tyler Seoane, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Alexander Springer, Nursing Assistant; Tyler Stassi, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Alissa Stopa, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Samantha Uptegrove, New Vision Allied Health and Cheyanne Wilbur, Nursing Assistant.

Fulton City School District: *Joseph Aubin, Public Safety & Justice; Brandon Batstone, Welding Technology; *Shelby Buffham, Public Safety & Justice; *Nicholas Burrescia, Public Safety & Justice; *Shawna Cooper New Vision Allied Health; *Colin Cornell, Auto Technology; *Alicia Guzman, Public Safety & Justice; Erika Hahn, New Vision Allied Health; Brianna Halstead, Culinary Arts; *Mallory Harter, Cosmetology; *Sage Hourihan, New Vision Specialized Careers; Benjamin Hughes, Computer Systems CISCO; Haley Hunsinger, Early Childhood Education; Quinton Jackson, Public Safety & Justice; *Jamie Johnson Jr., Public Safety & Justice; Cassandra Jones, New Vision Specialized Careers; *Taylor Kesterke, New Vision Allied Health; Nicholas Kinney, Culinary Arts; Sydney Kress, Cosmetology; Richard LaClaire III, Computer Systems CISCO; Dawn Mabb, Culinary Arts; Megan McClintock, New Vision Law & Government; Skyler Miller, Digital Media Technology; Daniel Mt. Pleasant, Welding Technology; Mikayla Ogden, Culinary Arts; Zachary Pepper, Welding Technology; *Alexander Poyneer, Public Safety & Justice; Garet Roik, Heavy Equipment; Keysha Rojas-Polo, Cosmetology; *Michael Savich, Welding Technology; *Antonio Smith, Computer Systems CISCO and James Suphan, Computer Systems A+.
Hannibal Central School District: Owen Braun, Auto Technology; Matthew Combes, New Vision Specialized Careers; *Tayler Dence, Nursing Assistant; Nicole Gardenier, Culinary Arts; *Lacee Howland, Cosmetology; Eric Kimpland, Welding Technology; Kayce Lackey, Nursing Assistant; *Antoinette Lanning, Cosmetology; *Bradley Salisbury Jr., Auto Body; Logan Scott, Heavy Equipment; Brandon Scruton, Heavy Equipment; Coleton Sereno, Welding Technology; *Kyle Shoults, Public Safety & Justice; Nathan Wood, Auto Technology and Justin Breezee, Heavy Equipment.

Mexico Academy and Central School District: Emma Andrews, New Vision Law & Government; *Joccalynn Bailey, Public Safety & Justice; Kennedy Barnes, New Vision Allied Health; Cody Benz, Heavy Equipment; *Jericho Bond, Welding Technology; Victoria Brownell, New Vision Specialized Careers; *Mary Buske, Early Childhood Education; Isiah Cooper, Culinary Arts; *Chynia Cummins, Auto Body; *Dakota Deasy, Auto Technology; Skyler Dunn, Public Safety & Justice; *Trevor Forsythe, Construction Technology; Nicholas Galluzzo, New Vision Law & Government; *Chance Hagler , Public Safety & Justice; Jacob Hellinger, Heavy Equipment; Haley Heppell, Nursing Assistant; *Amy Holland, New Vision Law & Government; Hunter Howland, New Vision Law & Government; *Ezra Hulbert, Computer Systems CISCO; *Patrick Hull, Public Safety & Justice; James Krackehl, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; *Jacob Larrabee, Welding Technology; Shamus McDowell, Public Safety & Justice; Megan Merrill, Nursing Assistant; *Jordan Mitchell, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Thomas Mournighan, Computer Systems A+; Daniel Mullen Jr., Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; *Marc Nowakowski, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; *Raeann Ouderkirk, Digital Media Technology; *Taleah Pape, Public Safety & Justice; Brittany Phelps, Culinary Arts; Shania Purchas, Nursing Assistant; *Nathan Ratcliff, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; *Todd Rector, Construction Technology; Jacob Rhinehart, Heavy Equipment; Brent Sawyer, Heavy Equipment; *Lynnsey Slocum, Public Safety & Justice; Jesse Soboleski, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Samuel Vaughn, Welding Technology; *Jonathan Waite, Public Safety & Justice; Bridgett Watson, Nursing Assistant and *Christian Whaley, Public Safety & Justice.

Oswego City School District: *Arialees Alicea, Digital Media Technology; *Brianna Batchelor, Early Childhood Education; *Angel Campos Toro, Digital Media Technology; Amber Canbek, New Vision Law & Government; Allyson Conner, Culinary Arts; *Christian Davis, New Vision Law & Government; *Jasmine Dingman, Public Safety & Justice; *Olivia Dowdle, New Vision Allied Health; *Brooke Farnsworth, New Vision Specialized Careers; *Olivia Flint, New Vision Specialized Careers; *Natalie Haynes, Public Safety & Justice; Shania Kennedy, Early Childhood Education; *Breanna Konu, Public Safety & Justice; *Roman Danilo Madlangbayan, New Vision Allied Health; Liam Moran, Welding Technology; Adrianna Munyon, Auto Body; *Emily Oldenburg, New Vision Specialized Careers; Collin Pomerville-Miller, Public Safety & Justice; Jeremy Ruotolo , Culinary Arts; *Katrina Sharkey, New Vision Specialized Careers; *Kelly Skinner, New Vision Law & Government; John Syrell IV, Public Safety & Justice; Kenna Wallace, Public Safety & Justice; *Timothy Woodard, Public Safety & Justice and Cole Ylitalo, Heavy Equipment.

Phoenix Central School District: *Mackenzie Berube, New Vision Law & Government; *Tyler Caruana, Public Safety & Justice; Austin Davis, Heavy Equipment; Maliek Edwards, Public Safety & Justice; Jillian Ende, Culinary Arts; Spencer Evans, Culinary Arts; Christopher Fisk, New Vision Allied Health; Alexis Hagg, Cosmetology; Caroline Mac Master, Culinary Arts; Karly McCann, New Vision Specialized Careers; *Dustin Parsons, Construction Technology; Autumn Rawson, Public Safety & Justice; *Billy Reeves, Public Safety & Justice; Zachary Scribner, Public Safety & Justice; Jeremy Sims, Public Safety & Justice; *Joshua Stopher, Public Safety & Justice and Autumn Suppes-Haynes, Nursing Assistant.

Pulaski Academy and Central School District: Devin Carusone, Computer Systems A+; *Halle Currier, Public Safety & Justice; Mikayla Guile, Cosmetology; Lyndsey Hilton, Public Safety & Justice; *Kyra Judware, Early Childhood Education; Austin Monson, Computer Systems CISCO; *Lindsey Prye, Nursing Assistant; Konor Richardson-Sanderson, Welding Technology; *Katherine Scranton, New Vision Allied Health; *Jennifer Shampine, New Vision Allied Health; Marshall Simmonds, Welding Technology; Kenlynn Sperling, Culinary Arts and *Noah Whaley-Shaw, Public Safety & Justice.

Sandy Creek Central School District: Breanna Allen, Cosmetology; *Emmalee Bulluck, Cosmetology; Michael Carkey Jr., Auto Body; *Sara Castor, Cosmetology; Jasmine Davis, Cosmetology; *Kimberly Distasio, New Vision Allied Health; Isaac Eisch, Public Safety & Justice; Taila Hatch, Early Childhood Education; *Alexis Ladd, Cosmetology; *Bailey Laundre, Public Safety & Justice; Austyn Shephard, Nursing Assistant; Richard Skellington III, Cosmetology; Samantha Spencer, Early Childhood Education; Skylar Stone, Nursing Assistant; *Jasmyn Williams, Public Safety & Justice and Thomas Yerdon, Heavy Equipment.