City Considering Firms For Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

OSWEGO, NY – At their Sept. 7 committee meeting, councilors will likely recommend which firm they want for the upgrade of the Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Members of the Common Council and other city officials heard presentations Monday night from the two firms in the running for the project.

Representatives from Stearns & Wheler made their presentation first. They were followed by a group from C&S Companies / CDM.

The upgrade and expansion project is required of the city as part of the Consent Decree.

The Consent Decree came about because of the city’s unpermitted discharges into the lake.

Stearns & Wheler touted their experience, success in finding additional funding and their local office among other strengths.

They also have a good familiarity with the city having done projects here in the past.

They can do the design for the project, but also the programming, they pointed out.

C&S / CDS also highlighted their experience and past projects they’ve completed for the Port City, including four at the WWTP.

Their proposal, they said, is cost-efficient and the city won’t have to worry about having new problems just a few years down the road.

The company also highlighted its 3D design approach. Among the client benefits, they said, are better communication, conflict resolution, higher quality and more accurate drawings.

Both presenters said they were flexible and capable of working with the DEC should the agency come in and say something needs to be changed or added to the project.

Mike Riley, purchasing agent said he would recommend to the mayor that the matter be placed on the agenda for Sept. 7 for committee discussion.

The committee could then forward its recommendation t the full council.