Classic Rock Reigns At State Fair

By Jocelyn Cook, Contributing Writer

SYRACUSE, NY – With all the exciting things to see at each year’s New York State Fair, it’s often hard for fairgoers to decide what to do in the little time they have.

But whoever attended any or all of the Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas and Styx concerts recently certainly made the right choice.

Classic rock favorites Blue Oyster Cult performed one of the at the 2 p.m. shows at the Chevy Court.

Despite the early show time, the seats were filled past capacity; hundreds were left in standing room only sections around the benches.

Everyone in attendance was rocking when the band got going, old and young, seasoned fans and new ones alike.

Playing old favorites like “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and “Godzilla” along with some lesser-known songs meant that there was something for everyone.

“They sounded amazing,” said Jackie Moore of Clay. “The only bad thing was how crowded it was – something me and my friends didn’t prepare for.”

Next time, she added, “We vowed to bring folding chairs with foot-rests.”

Later that night, Kansas took the stage.

The later show time only meant that more people, out of work or other commitments, were able to attend.

Every seat in the crowd was filled again and every space on the grass around had a fairgoer sitting or standing for over an hour before the show began.

When the band took the stage, they proved that the show was well worth the wait.

Within the hour, groups of people could be found dancing and singing in every corner of the crowd, enjoying tunes like “Dust in the Wind” to “Carry on My Wayward Son” and everything in between.

“It was pretty awesome to be able to sing along to such a great song with a few thousand people,” Moore said of “Carry on My Wayward Son.”

“The band sounded amazing – still! I admit, I was a tad surprised they sounded as amazing as they did,” she conceded.

Somehow, the crowd at the Styx show at 8 p.m. the next night was even more packed.

It’s no wonder, as it was announced later that night that it was the most attended day of the State Fair ever.

More than 115,000 people attended, and several thousand were present at the Chevy Court.

Hours before the show every bench seat was taken, and by 8 there was barely any space between fans in the crowd.

Despite a few altercations in the crowd that required the aid of state troopers a couple hours before the show, by the time the band went on everyone was ready to rock.

And the band absolutely delivered.

Putting on a spectacular show, the members of Styx proved that the attention they were attracting was well-deserved. Each member showed off their skills, complete with spinning keyboard tricks and trading off playing each other’s instruments, much to the crowd’s delight.

Even the American Sign Language Interpreter got to be in on the fun; she was invited to play guitar in the middle of a song.

For just the cost of a ticket to the fair, everyone in the crowd at each show got to enjoy Grandstand-worthy concerts.

Lady Antebellum and 30 Seconds to Mars were other fan favorites over the past few days.

Up and coming Country super group Lady Antebellum drew several thousand fans, equal to or better than the Grandstand crowd that paid to see the Justin Bieber concert that same night.

And, there are still many free concerts to be enjoyed in the coming days of the fair.

If the previous concerts are anything to go by, the experience will be well worth the crowds and the trip, one fairgoer exclaimed.

The fair runs through the Labor Day Weekend.