The Oswego Public Library Author Visit This Month, Susan P. Gatele

The Oswego Public Library is thrilled to announce the visit of highly-acclaimed author Susan P. Gateley on April 20th at 2 PM. Gateley, a native of Upstate New York, has gained recognition for her insightful books on Lake Ontario, including “Legends and Lore of Lake Ontario” and “Maritime Tales of Lake Ontario.” Her books not only entertain readers with fascinating stories but also heighten awareness about the importance of conservation efforts. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in fisheries, Gateley has become a respected figure in the sailing community, an educator, and a passionate advocate for the preservation of the Great Lakes.

Her presentation promises to be a captivating experience for those interested in the history and ecology of Lake Ontario. In her most recent blog post titled “Can We Save the Country with Wooden Ships?”, Gateley explores the potential of traditional wooden boatbuilding as a means to combat the environmental challenges facing our nation. She delves into the fascinating history of wooden shipbuilding and highlights the sustainable practices that have the potential to shape a more eco-friendly future.

Attendees can expect an enlightening conversation, filled with captivating stories and valuable insights. For more information about Susan P. Gateley and her work, including videos and her author blog, please visit her website at The Oswego Public Library, commonly known as the Castle on the Hill, has served the residents for the Oswego area since opening in “the castle” on June 14, 1857. You can contact them online through, [email protected], or by phone at 315.341.5867. They look forward to helping you!

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