Cosemento Not Seeking Re-election, Urges Support For Enwright

Fellow first warders:
Let me take this opportunity to remind you that I have chosen to retire my tenure as the first ward councilor. The first ward has its own unique challenges from waterfront development to business and industrial expansion and of course the rental property issues.

These are key to the quality of life that we all expect in our ward as well as the city.

I have been working tirelessly to improve these and much is left to do. Nuisance abatement has been paramount for improving the quality of life. This has included the concept of neighborhood watch, noise ordinance, accumulation of points, property condition, ban on conversion of single family homes to two family homes in an R-3, formation of the task force which is a committee of city and university employees to address issues in the city and has resulted in a firm policy that has been and is successful.

BUT, there is so much more to do.

It is my unyielding belief that the City, the Council, Planning and Zoning boards need to work together to identify a policy that controls the concentration of rental properties in the city that stress all of the services that tax payers are supporting and that also includes our educational services.

People that work here need to be able to live here with their families in neighborhoods that are reminiscent of those that many of us remember.

I also believe that the city needs to increase its revenue sources from every possible position, especially the waterfront.

I believe that the larger problems of the city, especially the mandate and the mother load of associated information need to be monitored continually by the council.

These are just some of my beliefs.

However, my family is growing up and far away. I believe that my grand daughters and grandson need to have their grandparents at a game, a play, and a special day.

This has been an especially bitter sweet decision for the First Ward needs a representative that is proactive, knowledgeable and loves Oswego just as much.

I approached Fran Enwright a few months ago and asked if he would please consider being my First Ward councilor. Fran was part of the original task force six years ago. He has the best of all experience; he grew up here, raised his family and wants to stay here – stay here in a nice neighborhood.

His work experience and dealings with the EPA can only benefit the council in some tough times.

He understands the waterfront more than most of us.

So, I hope you will join me in supporting Fran Enwright for the next First Ward councilor.

Connie Cosemento,
First Ward Councilor