Council To Consider Security Upgrades For Police, Water Departments

OSWEGO, NY – The police department may soon be adding another tool to its crime prevention arsenal.

On Monday, the Common Council will consider the chief’s request to purchase wireless video surveillance equipment.

At this week’s committee meeting, Mike Dehm, police chief, requested authorization for the purchasing agent to buy wireless video surveillance equipment from ADT Security Services, at the proposed cost of no more than $14,000.

The Police Department has the funds in its accounts for this purchase, he pointed out.

The county is willing to allow the city to place a camera on its building at East Second and Bridge streets, the chief said.

“That camera will be able to view the harbor, up to East Ninth (Street) by Garafalo’s and up to West Eighth Street,” he said.

The department’s camera at West First and Bridge streets has facilitated some arrests, he added.

The new camera would be another tool for increased security in the area, he noted.

The cameras are also used at night as the streetlights enable the officers to see almost as clearly as in the daytime.

The department has been working with Phil Church, Oswego County Administrator, and William Malone from Buildings and Grounds, the chief explained.

The county has already agreed to run electrical wiring (at no cost) to the area where the camera would be installed, he added.


Also at this week’s committee, Brian Folgherait, Water Department plant manager, requested permission to accept a State Office of Homeland Security Grant ($4,375) through Oswego County Emergency Services.

It would be used to upgrade the camera security system at the Water Treatment Plant.

The police chief also requested permission to submit a grant proposal to New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services for its “Operation IMPACT Tools” grant.

The grant is designed for small communities such as Oswego, the chief explained.

“If they approve our proposal, we could be awarded up to $50,000 worth of equipment. We are in the process of formulating a proposal for this grant, which needs to be submitted as soon as possible,” he said.

Last year, the department was awarded the grant and was able to purchase a license plate reader and computer valued at more than $20,000.