Councilors Consider New Vehicle Purchases

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Administrative Services Committee agreed the city needed some new vehicles. However, it had to find a way to pay for them.

Mike Smith, acting DPW commissioner, requested authorization to purchase a new 2008 Case 621E pay loader on state contract.

The 1996 pay loader had to be taken out of service due to breakdowns and the inability to repair it in a cost-effective manner.

“It was going to cost us, minimum, probably $25,000 to repair it,” he said. “This is one of two that we purchased at the same time. So, the second one is also on its last legs.”

There is a price increase effective at the end of the month, he told the committee.

“If we can purchase this in the next few weeks we can save $9,000 to $10,000” he said. “We use these for everything. We use them for snow removal. We use them for brush pickup, to take the docks out of Wright’s Landing and to pull vehicles that get stuck somewhere.”

Traditionally, the DPW has four or five in service all the time.

“Right now, we have three; two in good shape and one in not very good shape,” he said.

It would take about 60 to 90 days for it to arrive – in time for the snow season, he pointed out.

The committee forwarded the request to the full council, contingent on the city finding a funding source for the purchase.

Joe Perry, fire chief, requested authorization to purchase a 4X4 pickup truck, with plow, on state contract for the fire department.

This is to replace the 1995 Suburban, which was deemed unsuitable for road operations by the DPW, he noted.

The department is going to sell off one of its engines as it is getting a new one, the chief said.

Funds from that action should be more than enough to cover the cost of the new vehicle, he noted, adding the city could get more if they used a brokerage site instead of an auction site.

The committee gave the request a favorable recommendation, provided the department used a brokerage site to sell the old vehicle and the revenue was enough to cover the new vehicle.

Neal Smith, code enforcement director, requested authorization for the purchasing agent to buy two Ford Focus sedans on state contract for the Code Enforcement Department.

The department has, in the past, relied on vehicles from the police department that they no longer used, he pointed out.

The city’s contingency fund is strapped. There might be enough for one car, maybe, according to Deborah Coad, acting city chamberlain. Other than that, they’d have to borrow for more than that, she added.

Police Chief Mike Dehm said his department would be retiring one vehicle next year and Code Enforcement could use that one.

Councilor Sue Sweet (R-Third Ward) said she saw the need for the vehicles the department heads spoke of, but urged fiscal restraint.

“I think we need to step back and reassess where we’re going,” she said.

“Can you live with just one car?” councilor Connie Cosemento (D-First Ward) asked Smith.

“Sure,” he responded.

The committee sent the request on to the full council for consideration.

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  1. Are you Kidding me?!!! If anyone needs a vehicle it should be the DPW they always get the cuts and go with out. WHY in the heck does the Code Enforcer need a car. Since when do they go and enforce the codes. that department is a joke . Can you explain to me why the fire chief needs a 4×4 truck with a plow on it. People in Fulton you need to restrain from buying anything have you not been watching the news. I am strongly against purchases of vehicles except for the dpw. the rest suck it up. Think twice about even thinking of raising the taxes for stupid purchases

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