County Needs To Focus On Other Pressing Issues

Letter to the editor
While I don’t oppose the resolution the legislature has prepared in opposition of the NY SAFE gun legislation, I do wish we could spend as much time on other pressing issues that need attention.

The County Clerk’s office is still in a shambles and not one thing has changed. Some of the employees say it’s gotten worse since the first of the year. When we have employees leave crying in the middle of the day because they reached a breaking point, something’s got to be done.

But nothing gets done because the Republicans are too busy writing opposing resolutions, politicking and trying to advance to county jobs.

The taxpayers are paying too much for the data services in the Clerk’s Office. We learned that last year when the Republicans voted to give the contract to the most expensive company.

Mike Backus, the County Clerk and County Republican Chairman, tells us he’s going to change things. I don’t see anything changing with the IQS contract when the Republican Party he leads accepted a $500 donation from IQS.

We are faced with the closing of the transfer stations and we are warned that next year’s budget is not looking good.

We should be worrying about the county’s finances and not having to deal with problems in the Clerk’s Office or worrying about which legislator is going to be the next treasurer or whatever other county job they’ve been eyeing.

While we have legislators looking to advance themselves into county jobs, we talk about downsizing the workforce.

Legislator Louella LeClair made a big speech at the Finance Committee meeting last week about promising her constituents there would be no more hiring and then she votes to hire two people.

This is what goes on every day.

Nothing’s going to change until the public wakes up and demands accountability.

I don’t think anybody in the public would work under the conditions the girls in the Clerk’s Office have to work under and I don’t think anyone in the public would pay more for a service than they have to.

It’s time to get down to business and start doing the work of the people.

Legislator Doug Malone