County Postpones Aerial Spraying Aug. 19, Second Horse Dies

OSWEGO COUNTY – Aerial spraying of the Toad Harbor Big Bay Swamp area in Oswego County is cancelled this evening, Monday, Aug. 19, due to weather conditions.

Weather permitting, aerial spraying will take place Tuesday, Aug. 20, between 6 and 9 p.m.

Residents within the aerial spray zone will be notified of the aerial spraying by the Hyper-Reach Broadcast Notification Service through Oswego County’s E-9-1-1 Emergency Communications Department.

If spraying is postponed, residents will be notified through the news media and information will be posted on the Oswego County website at

The county has also received notice from the state Department of Health that a second horse, this one in the town of Amboy, has died of the Eastern equine encephalitis virus.

So far this summer, 15 samples of mosquitoes collected from the towns of West Monroe, Hastings and Constantia have also tested positive for EEE.

“Personal protection measures are still the most effective way to prevent mosquito-borne diseases and it is essential that people continue to follow these practices,” said Oswego County Public Health Director Jiancheng Huang.