Cuomo Announces $25 Million In Rail Infrastructure Improvements

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OSWEGO – Governor Andrew Cuomo today (Feb 1) announced $25 million to fund rail and port improvement projects across New York.

The Port of Oswego Authority is among those receiving funding.

The grants, awarded through the Governor’s Passenger and Freight Rail Assistance Program, will support projects that strengthen infrastructure and economic development vital to the movement of goods throughout the state.

The grants will leverage an additional $5.4 million in public and private investments to complete the projects.

The list of grant recipients and awards includes: Port of Oswego Authority: $2.1 million.

“The funds will help to construct additional rail tracks and expand cargo handling facilities,” Zelko Kirincich, executive director of the port, told Oswego County Today. “New tracks at Oswego Intermodal “

The funding will allow for rail track upgrades to store up to 80 rail cars. The improvements will also allow the port to increase its capacity to handle and export agricultural products, such as soybeans, wheat and more.

“These grants will help strengthen New York’s infrastructure, attract new investments, and foster economic growth in communities in every corner of the state,” Governor Cuomo said. “A strong, reliable transportation system is critical to supporting safe, efficient travel for both New Yorkers and visitors, and our investments are key to ensuring the long-term resiliency of infrastructure across the state to support economic growth for generations to come.”

New York awarded $25 million to 19 applicants through a competitive solicitation process.

An additional $5.4 million in private and local funding is being leveraged through this state initiative.

New York State Department of Transportation Matthew Driscoll said, “Governor Cuomo knows the importance of transportation. Because of his leadership, New York continues to make smart investments that are modernizing rail and port infrastructure, encouraging commerce and making New York businesses more competitive in the global marketplace.”


  1. How about money for our sewers so we can get rid of the sewer tax. We’re dying here with taxes. Some relief would be great. We get nothing from the Port Athority yet we pay for there fire protection on land and in the water. Shouldn’t we get something from them…..

  2. That Port doesn’t supply much jobs to warrant what they receive at all, it’s more a hobby than a career for workers down there.

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