DelConte Has The Values To Be Supreme Court Justice

To The Editor:
This past year has brought us great insight into what characteristics a Supreme Court Justice should have.


At the federal level a justice is appointed by what ever party controls the White House.

We have a choice at the state level.

We the people choose our State Supreme Court justices by voting for the person or persons we feel best represent the values we feel a Supreme Court justice should have.

On November 6, you will find the name of Scott DelConte on three party lines, Conservative, Independence and Democratic.

Three party lines shows the fact that Scott DelConte is a bipartisan man of the law.
Scott DelConte has the values and integrity that we the people want in a State Supreme Court justice.

I have known Scott DelConte for many years and I have always known him to be fair and always a leader in the understanding of the law.

He has always been bipartisan and straight forward.

His values aren’t just exhibited in his professional life. He also demonstrates these values as a family man, in his community volunteerism and on his farm each and every day.

These are the reasons I feel that your choice for State Supreme Court justice should be Scott DelConte; because he shows he has VAULES,VALUES, VALUES.

I know I will be casting my vote for Scott DelConte and I implore you to do the same to keep VAULES, VAULES, VAULES in our State Supreme Court system.

Frank Castiglia Jr.
Minority Leader Oswego County Legislature