Developer Irked Over Picket At Cahill Building

OSWEGO – Local businessman/developer Anthony Pauldine is upset. And, Monday night, he told the Common Council so.

Developing and restoring buildings in his hometown is “intensely satisfying” and is his “passion,” he told the councilors

He listed many of the projects he has done over the years. In many cases they were properties that nobody else would touch, he added.

“I pay a couple hundred thousand dollars in taxes and fees to the city of Oswego. We donate to causes and charities,” he said. “We hire high school kids, local college students; $450 a week, that’s not bad for someone who’s a junior in high school. We help the homeless.”

“Why in the world am I telling you all of this? It’s because I am pissed. Pissed that the Cahill Building was picketed. “

Just today, he said, he had to press charges and have two union guys arrested for “just willy-nilly walking into the YMCA building … walking right past ‘No Trespass’ and ‘Do Not Enter’ signs.

“I’m a local owner. I’m the owner of the property. I hire all local labor. I purchase all local materials. Is there anyone here in their right mind that really thinks that I should be picketed?” Pauldine said. “Why would I hire a union contractor or hire union guys so that I could simply double my costs? It’s absolutely against what we’re trying to do. It makes no sense.”

He added that everyone, except one person, would agree with that.

The one person was Councilor Rob Wilmott, a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ Local 277.

Pauldine claimed Wilmott was among the group that picketed nearby the opening of the renovated Cahill Building late last year.

Wilmott wasn’t at the picket.

Pauldine said Wilmott told him it wasn’t personal; they were trying to get the Governor to have the Downtown Revitalization Initiative projects paid union wages.

“I will never hire a union guy and pay local blackmail,” Pauldine vowed.

He also claimed that he heard “I have to picket or I’ll get fined $250.”

Pauldine passed an envelope to Councilor Ron Tesoriero to present to Wilmott.

Inside was a check for $250 made out to cash. Pauldine said he wanted Wilmott to use it “so you don’t have to picket somewhere in Oswego, the city that I happen to love and I assume that the councilmen and mayor feel the same way.

Following the meeting, Wilmott said he applauded all the good work Pauldine has done for the city over the years.

But otherwise, didn’t have any comment.


  1. A fine example of union busting tactics. As a long time union member there is more at stake than just wages. Fair representation, work environment protections, anti-discrimination protections, work safety protections to name a few. There are many fellow union brothers out of work that are experienced workers, more experienced and safety minded then junior high schoolers or untrained workers.

  2. Wow,a Union member talking smack…let me tell you something…I was a Union member for over 20 years,paid weekly dues,then the co.closed..the Union had over a half million dollars of our money, instead of giving it back to the membership,but no they give it to the international Union,for what? I know our officers were rewarded well..and the days of unions are and should be done away with..tell me what they did for you,other than control you and your money and life style..I’ve made more money since that Union left us all standing by holding our pockets..I will never apply for a Union job,they take my money..if your a bad worker then you need that protection..think before you speak..

  3. Muin: You and your Union are a flippin joke. Wilmott came to my place of employment (Gov’t facility) to “check on the status of a project” in which I told him he was not on the list of subs and he had to leave. Pauldine was contractor for the renovation. All the subcontractors that were a part of the project followed our stringent safety rules, and did their job on time. And they were paid the prevailing wage. There are plenty of labor laws in place that protect workers. Union busting? Please. Take your $250 and go inflate the rat somewhere else. Sounds like somebody’s got sour grapes because they didn’t get hired and missed out on some good paying public money. Well if unions were more efficient and didn’t drag out jobs and had a decent work ethic maybe Mr. Pauldine would consider hiring you.

  4. Back in the day Unions were great. Workers needed the protection. Now, from experience, unions suck. You have a to pay dues and then you get a coworker who isn’t doing their job, but management needs an act of God to fire them because of the union.

  5. So Mr. Pauldine are all these workers you hire American Citizens? You can hire whom you please as long as they are verified “American citizens”.

  6. As a Union Carpenter I am proud to stand up and SPEAK OUT against contractors who operate poorly and challenge developers to hold themselves and the builders accountable!!
    Letting a contractor throw a 20 minute pitty party because he got caught well worth it!!

  7. Mr. Pauldine is doing a great job developing properties and reviving some old buildings in Oswego. Does he hire High School Juniors? I don’t know but the average age of a high school junior is 16-17 years old. That’s 1-2 years too young to work in construction. At that age, New York State only allows them to work in limited capacities.
    As for the 2 Union Guys that he claims he had to have arrested just yesterday, i have inquired with all the local Unions and they no nothing of the sorts.
    It is my opinion that Mr. Wilmott is not against what Pauldine is doing, he said himself that he applauds what he is doing. i don’t believe its what he is doing, more so how he is getting it done. Paying employees sub standard wages and no benefits. I don’t know about anyone else here but you can not raise a family on $11 an hour and sometimes under the table.(NO TAXES TAKEN)
    As for the picket fine? I don’t know about that. I do know that when Pauldine handed a check to Mr. Wilmott for $250 made out to cash and asked him to take the picket to another town. That’s a class D felony in NYS. You could call it bribing a City official or bribing a Union Representative, you pick. I was glad to hear that Wilmott ripped the check up, right there at City Hall. Pauldine should be ashamed of himself for bringing this sort of corruption to City Hall during a Council meeting and he did it all while being video taped.
    Keep doing what your doing Councilor.

  8. $450 a week? That’s pretty good. Do you cover your workers Healthcare? Or do they have to purchase their own? ‘Cause if that’s the case, that $450 becomes $250 real quick. And if you do the math sir, that’s a whopping $6.25 an hour, if it’s even a normal 40 hour work week. That’s Half of the minimum wage! Sounds like you’re really doing those young gentleman a fine service! Not to mention, the grant money you received to help fund your project is tax payers money. So for you to get that money and not have to pay your workers the prevailing wage, and instead use it to your advantage and line your own pockets is unfortunate for them, and despicable on your behalf. You clearly don’t care about the people working on your projects and are only out for yourself. That’s the reason for the picket I would imagine. If it was an area standards picket, and you sir CLEARLY STATED HERE that you DO NOT pay area standards wages and benefits, then it is perfectly legal…regardless of how “Pissed” you are.

  9. Bruno, your comment is ignorant … What have YOU, Bruno, done to improve anything in Oswego? …

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