Donations Pour In For Pit Bull

OSWEGO, NY – Rockford is one lucky dog.

His jaw is completely severed; held in place only by some tissue and skin.

Recently, his previous owner brought his vehicle to Absolute Auto and Audio in Fulton for work.

That’s when Rockford met Rachel Dean.

The Absolute employee saw the puppy and felt something was wrong.

Rachel asked the customer what was wrong with the dog and another employee notified the authorities.

“I asked him if I could take the dog and get it some medical help because I felt that he would not do that,” she told Oswego County “He surrendered the dog to us and now I am Rockford’s legal guardian.”

Since the previous owner lives in Syracuse, the alleged abuse is being investigated there. A spokesperson for Syracuse Police said the SPCA is handling the investigation.

Rockford is about eight weeks old, Rachel estimated.

“He is just a great dog. Even though he was probably in a lot of pain he was wagging his tail and running all over the shop meeting people,” she said. “He ran up to everybody and wagged his tail. He’s very friendly.”

Rockford is being treated at Fruit Valley Vet Clinic in Oswego Town.

“When the vet told me that he could save him, I said, Go for it!’” Rachel said. “They put him on a special diet to get his weight up because he was malnourished. The vet put a muzzle on his jaw; we hope that it heals back together.”

If not, Rockford will be transported to Cornell for surgery.

“We sent his X-rays down to Cornell. We’re waiting to hear back from them. We’re taking it day by day right now. If he doesn’t heal properly in a few weeks we have to go to Cornell for surgery,” she said.

The surgery could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000, she added.

Several donations have already been made to help defray the puppy’s medical expenses.

Anyone wishing to contribute to Rockford’s recovery may do so at Fruit Valley Vet Clinic, 7100 Route 104, Oswego.

“If surgery is needed, Fruit Valley will cut a check for Cornell and send it,” Rachel said.

Any extra money will be kept at the clinic in a special account for Rockford.

“He’s likely going to require more medical care throughout his life and those funds will help cover that,” she explained.

While at the clinic, Rockford also got all the vaccinations a puppy his age should have.

“They have been amazing at the clinic. They’re taking such good care of him and they’re having a blast with him,” Rachel said. “His jaw was hanging by just a piece of skin, he must have been in a lot of pain, and yet he is very friendly.”

When Rockford gets to his new home, he will have a canine companion to help him recovery as well.

Domino, a black and white three-year-old pit bull, “is the love of my life,” Rachel said. “She’s another rescue. I got her when she was about seven weeks old.”

She is a good dog, very calm and good with other dogs, Rachel said of Domino.

“She’s a good dog. She will help take care of Rockford,” she said.


  1. God bless you Rachel you are Rockford’s guardian angel. We need more people around like you.

  2. I think that whoever did that to that poor animal should be punishied,Is any thing being done to the previous owner?

  3. Sure sounds as if that pup was used as bait in dog fighting–again, the innocent pay and the bad guys get off.

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