DOT Announces Public Meeting For Route 104 Reconstruction In Oswego

OSWEGO, NY – The New York State Department of Transportation announced that an open house public information meeting will be held regarding a project to rehabilitate Route 104 in the town of Oswego, Oswego County.

Accelerated funding for the project was announced as part of Capital for a Day in September.

“Route 104 through Oswego County is an important commerce route, connecting the interstate with rail and port facilities, while also serving a large volume of bicyclists and pedestrians who need to be able to safely use this busy corridor,” Commissioner Driscoll said. “By accelerating this road reconstruction project we are following Governor Cuomo’s lead in making government more responsive and working for the people of New York State.”

The open house will take place from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on October 14 in the Oswego Town Hall, located at 2320 County Route 7, in Oswego Town.

At the meeting, preliminary drawings for the upcoming project will be available for review and representatives from NYSDOT will be present to answer questions.

No formal presentation is planned.

Preliminary plans call for widening the travel lanes and shoulders, reconstructing intersections and providing safe accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians along a 3.7-mile stretch of highway in the vicinity of SUNY Oswego.

The project extends from the intersection of State Routes 104 and 104A in the hamlet of Southwest Oswego and continues to the Oswego city line. Work will include paving, building sidewalks, improving sight distances at intersections and enhancing drainage. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2016.

Route 104 bisects the SUNY Oswego campus and serves a large number of student pedestrians who cross between the main campus on the north side of the road and the athletic facilities on the south side. It is also a vital link in the transportation network connecting communities along the southern shore of Lake Ontario with the interstate, and serving as primary access to the railroad and port facilities in the city of Oswego.

This open house is part of the continuing effort by the Department to encourage public participation in the development of transportation projects.

The Oswego Town Hall is handicapped accessible.

Please contact Nick DeCirce, P.E. at (315) 428–3249 if a sign language interpreter, assisted listening system, or other accommodation will be required to facilitate your participation in the open house.

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  1. Interesting. Now that “the railroad” is basically non-existant in the hamlet of Oswego as compared to years gone by, I fail to see this as being a justifiable reason for such a project. Furthermore, unless students are flocking to SW Oswego for Halloween pumpkins or riding bikes to Fair Haven in large numbers, this also seems somewhat unnecessary. For that amount of money they could just build a walking overpass down past Swift Street.

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