Elect Amy and Make History

To The Editor:

The city of Oswego will make history this November. Either we’ll elect the youngest and least experienced person ever to serve as a New York state mayor or we can for the first time elect a write-in candidate or we can elect Oswego’s first woman mayor.

This is the time to make the right kind of history. This is the time to elect Amy Tresidder.

With the problems and challenges facing the city, I believe this is the time to elect her; she has worked for the position, has maturity, experience, intelligence and dedication.

Already involved in politics as an Oswego County Legislator of the 16th District City of Oswego, Amy Tresidder is experienced as well as respected.

She is known as a county legislator who speaks up for us and speaks for the best interest of the city, who is never afraid to speak her mind.

Always sensitive, intelligent and civil, Amy Tresidder knows how to disagree with her colleagues without being disagreeable. Common themes of her campaign highlight Tresidder’s years of experience as a county legislator, her focus on efficient and accountable city government, and her passion for revitalizing the city’s neighborhoods and infrastructure.

She promises to run an administration with transparency, consensus and fairness.

No other candidate has her experience, judgment and skill. Let’s give her that chance on Tuesday, November 3.

John Kares Smith