Election Night: Republicans Take One, Lose Another

Republicans targeted two of Oswego County’s political representatives, and took one of them out on election night.

In fact, Oswego County’s vote provided the margin by which Republican Patty Ritchie upset incumbent Democratic State Senator Darrel Aubertine.

Ritchie holds about a 3,400 vote lead (before absentee ballots are counted next week), and her margin of victory in the county was about 3,200 votes.

At her party in Ogdensburg, Ritchie told WWNY-TV, “We had done everything we possibly could….We worked tirelesly for the lat six months.”

She said she plans to hold town hall meetings across the district and plans to take on expensive state mandates to local governments.

Aubertine did not concede last night; he preferred to wait for the absentee ballots to be counted.  Generally, absentee ballots tend to break down in about the same proportion as the general election results.

Meantime, Congressman Bill Owens won his first full term in office Monday night, beating Alexandria Bay investment banker Matt Doheny by about 4,000 votes out of 155,000 votes cast.

Owens can thank Doug Hoffman for the win.  Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate who did not drop out of the race in time to have his name removed from the ballot, received about 9,000 votes.  Had he not been there, most of those votes likely would have gone to Doheny.

Owens won the seat a year ago in a special election in which he benefited from the three-way split featuring Hoffman and Republican Dede Scozzafava.

Owens said he has had three Christmases in the last year, including his two victories.

Doheny offered a gracious concession, telling Owens he would be happy to help him in the future.  “That’s the first step towards working with the other side”, Owens said, indicating he would take Doheny up on the offer if he needed it.

Oswego County voters gave Doheny a smaller margin than he got across the sprawling Congressional district.  He took the county by about 300 votes, which is about one and a half percentage points.

County voters voted for Hoffman in larger ratios than the overall vote.  Eight percent of county voters filled in the circle next to Hoffman’s name.

Two new names will represent parts of the county in the State Assembly.  Claudia Tenney will represent towns along the north shore of Oneida Lake.  she ran unopposed for the open 115th district seat.  And Ken Blankenbush will represent a district that includes the northeasternmost towns in the county, taking the 122nd district seat that Dede Scozzafava gave up for retirement.

Donald Todd, currently the chief assistant District Attorney, will become the county’s next County Court Judge.  He beat David Roman for the seat.

County voters also gave majority votes to incoming Governor Andrew Cuomo, and to Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson and Attorney General candidate Dan Donovan, both of whom lost.