Emily Ridgeway Benefit Planned

FULTON, NY – A chicken barbecue benefit for Emily Ridgeway will be held March 11.

Emily Ridgeway
Emily Ridgeway

The cost will be $10 for a dinner.

It will be held from 1 p.m. until out at the Fulton Elks’ Lodge, 57 Pierce Drive.

The event will also include a bake sale, lottery board, raffles and 50/50s.

Emily was born with a congenital disease called biliary atresia. She has had one major surgery already and will have to travel to either Pittsburgh or NYC for an evaluation for a liver transplant.

Emily was born 7/15/2011 to John and Janel Ridgeway. She has a sister: Lily (2). Her grandparents are: Ray and Deb Caprin; Ida Ridgeway; and Jim and Tammy Ridgeway.