The Oswego Players Call for Entries in Playwriting Contest

ENTER THE OSWEGO PLAYERS’ PLAYWRITING CONTEST TODAY – The Oswego Players are looking for submissions for the Donald J. McCann Memorial One-Act Playwriting Contest. Original one-act scripts can be submitted via mail or electronically by June 15. Anyone interested in entering the contest should contact [email protected] for rules and guidelines. Pictured are the cast of “Old Money, New Habits” by Alexis Martin, co-winner of the 2023 Playwriting Contest. From left are Kevin Colvin, Gina Mazzoli, Matthew Fleming, Scott Bandla and Tammy Thompson.

OSWEGO – The Oswego Players are on the lookout for budding playwrights eager to see their creations brought to life on stage. Submissions of short plays are accepted until Saturday, June 15 for the Donald J. McCann Memorial One-Act Playwriting Contest, dedicated to spotlighting local talent.

“If you’ve ever felt the urge to write a play, now’s the time to take that leap and submit your work,” said Oswego Players President Norman Berlin III.

Alexis Martin, co-winner of last year’s contest, said, “The Don McCann Showcase has been one of the most magical times of my life.”

Martin wrote and directed “Old Money, New Habits,” which shared first prize in The Oswego Players’ 2023 Donald J. McCann Memorial One-Act Playwriting Contest with “Game of the Week,” the collaborative effort of Aaron Buitron and Phil Gross.

“My sincerest gratitude goes out to the crew of The Oswego Players, which provided so many resources and gave such care into this idea and made me feel completely at home and a part of their theater family,” continued Martin. “The immense support has also been other-worldly. It was so special to me to have so many dear friends and family members come out to see the production! I feel as though a beautiful journey has only just begun.”

The contest honors Don McCann, a true wordsmith who not only directed thought-provoking plays but also crafted his own one-act gems.

A lifelong resident of the Port City, McCann made his mark as a reporter for the Oswego Palladium Times before delving passionately into the realms of acting, directing, and writing with The Oswego Players in the mid-1950s.

Throughout his four-decade tenure, he held roles as president and historian for the theater group, which has been a staple in the regional arts scene since 1938. McCann’s artistic flair leaned towards bold, message-driven plays such as “The Visit,” “Inherit the Wind” and “Agnes of God,” all of which he helmed. Not only did he contribute numerous articles and play reviews, but he also ventured into crafting one-act plays for the group’s performances.

Anyone interested in submitting an original one-act play script for the contest should contact [email protected] for a complete set of rules and guidelines. All submissions must be received by Saturday, June 15 and sent either electronically to [email protected] or through the mail to Playwriting Contest, P.O. Box 183, Oswego, N.Y. 13126.

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