Fairgrieve Elementary School holds anti-bullying presentations

Stop, walk, and talk posters will serve as a reminder to students at Fairgrieve Elementary School that bullying will not be tolerated in the Fulton City School District.

The message helps students with a simple three word guide to remind them what to do if they are being bullied or if they witness someone else being bullied at school.

Fairgrieve Elementary School holds anti-bullying presentations
Third grade students display the posters that will be in each classroom and around the building. From left are: Kendra Gardner, Alley Bliss and Annyka Halligan.

The first word stop tells students to tell the bully to stop their behavior, the second word, walk means to walk away from the situation, and the third, talk, reminds them to tell a teacher or an adult what has happened.

Principal Jean Ciesla, second from right, and Vince Markowsky, center, Fairgrieve’s Home School Liaison spoke to each grade level in small groups about bullying and how to address any issue that may arise at school or in the community.

The two spoke to the students about the different types of bullying including physical, verbal, exclusionary, and cyber bullying. Each student at the school will receive a special anti-bullying bracelet to serve as a reminder to stop, walk and talk when it comes to bullies.

Principal Ciesla shared with the students that the district’s behavioral expectations to be respectful, be responsible, be safe and be a problem solver all speak to anti-bully behaviors. If all students will follow those four expectations, bullying will never be an issue.