Fairgrieve Elementary students selected for December Expectation Awards

Fairgrieve Elementary School recently recognized students for their exemplary demonstration of the school’s behavioral expectations.

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Mrs. Ciesla is pictured with students honored for the behavioral expectation: Be Safe. Kindergarten students Caleb Clark, Jordan Carvey, Brice Clemons, and Akeylla Janes; First grade students Larry Prevo, Ahmariona Ferebee, Dante Heaney, and Justin Decker-Bennett; Second grade students Jocelyn Loomis, Mariflor Diaz-Perez, Ralph Stacy III, and Sean Wright; Third grade students Pharell Richardson, Makenzie Miner, and Jayda Padua; Fourth grade students Julieanna Vasquez-Heaney, Noah Walter, and Kaitlyn Bevacqua; Fifth grade students Justice Carvey, Noah Fellows, Teara Smith, and Noah Allen; and Sixth grade students Everett Stacy, Sheyenne Broadwell, Taylor Miner, and Jordyn French.

The recognition occurred during the school’s Morning Express program.

The district-wide expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be a Problem Solver.

Students were chosen for the awards by their classroom teachers and were presented with certificates by Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla.

Fairgrieve Problem-Solver-Dec
The following students were selected as representing the behavioral expectation of problem solver. Kindergarten students Jayceon Barber, AnnaRose O’Dett, Kaylee Mason, and Daniel Dickens; First grade students Olivia Bauer, Grace Hutton, Hailey Jenkins, and Joseph Frausto; Second grade students William Patterson V, Adon Heaney, Dylan Olson, and Sabrina Carvey; Third grade students Alley Bliss, Nathan Raymond, and Candice Francisco; Fourth grade students Janna Moody, Jaidyn Perry, and Eric Mitchell; Fifth grade students Dakota Gardner, Brandon Guernsey, Brian Kingsley, and Autumn Beechner; and Sixth grade students Alice Allen, Zachary Draughn, Taylor Osborn, and Jonathan Simpson. Also pictured with the students is Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla.
Fairgrieve Responsible-Dec
Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla is pictured here with students honored for being Responsible. Pictured are Kindergarten students Jaelyn Jimenez, Nicholas David, Logan Patchen, and Leland Mason; First grade students Morgan Scaringi, Devan Bryan, Joshua Gullen, and Moreno Fent; Second grade students Keith Holley, Jasminn Bort, Meadow Waterhouse, and Kalib Bruska; Third grade students Isaiah Rogers, Mason Trumble, and Emma Francisco; Fourth grade students Bailey Welling, Zachary Eggleton, and Anthony Epolito; Fifth grade students Megan Lupton, Sara Burnett, Rebecca Bailey, and Tiarah Bennett; and Sixth grade students Joseph Cocozza, Jacquline Knoblock, Donald Royce, and Bianca Wood.
Fairgrieve -Respectful-Dec
Fairgrieve Elementary School students honored for being Respectful pictured are: Kindergarten students Mia Aldasch, Monae Fenty, Taylor Hull, and Natalie Guile; First grade students Andrew Mitchell, Harleigh Arnold, Hanna Cook, and Alyssa Durval; Second grade students Devyne Ferebee, Zachary Hamilton, Caitlyn Searor, and Mandy Allen; Third grade students Arianna Schmeer, Aiden Demars, and Eric Orlosky; Fourth grade students Noah Miner, Ryan Bruska, and Morgan Zukowski; Fifth grade students Faith Mazzaroppi, Annabelle Dickens, Chyanne Dillingham, and Devanee Sabin; and Sixth grade students Anthony Bennett, Eric Miller, Zachary Colloca , and Alexandra Conzone.