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September 18, 2018

Fairgrieve Elementary students selected for December Expectation Awards

Fairgrieve Elementary School recently recognized students for their exemplary demonstration of the school’s behavioral expectations.

Mrs. Ciesla is pictured with students honored for the behavioral expectation

Mrs. Ciesla is pictured with students honored for the behavioral expectation: Be Safe. Kindergarten students Caleb Clark, Jordan Carvey, Brice Clemons, and Akeylla Janes; First grade students Larry Prevo, Ahmariona Ferebee, Dante Heaney, and Justin Decker-Bennett; Second grade students Jocelyn Loomis, Mariflor Diaz-Perez, Ralph Stacy III, and Sean Wright; Third grade students Pharell Richardson, Makenzie Miner, and Jayda Padua; Fourth grade students Julieanna Vasquez-Heaney, Noah Walter, and Kaitlyn Bevacqua; Fifth grade students Justice Carvey, Noah Fellows, Teara Smith, and Noah Allen; and Sixth grade students Everett Stacy, Sheyenne Broadwell, Taylor Miner, and Jordyn French.

The recognition occurred during the school’s Morning Express program.

The district-wide expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be a Problem Solver.

Students were chosen for the awards by their classroom teachers and were presented with certificates by Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla.





Fairgrieve Problem-Solver-Dec

The following students were selected as representing the behavioral expectation of problem solver. Kindergarten students Jayceon Barber, AnnaRose O’Dett, Kaylee Mason, and Daniel Dickens; First grade students Olivia Bauer, Grace Hutton, Hailey Jenkins, and Joseph Frausto; Second grade students William Patterson V, Adon Heaney, Dylan Olson, and Sabrina Carvey; Third grade students Alley Bliss, Nathan Raymond, and Candice Francisco; Fourth grade students Janna Moody, Jaidyn Perry, and Eric Mitchell; Fifth grade students Dakota Gardner, Brandon Guernsey, Brian Kingsley, and Autumn Beechner; and Sixth grade students Alice Allen, Zachary Draughn, Taylor Osborn, and Jonathan Simpson. Also pictured with the students is Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla.

Fairgrieve Responsible-Dec

Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla is pictured here with students honored for being Responsible. Pictured are Kindergarten students Jaelyn Jimenez, Nicholas David, Logan Patchen, and Leland Mason; First grade students Morgan Scaringi, Devan Bryan, Joshua Gullen, and Moreno Fent; Second grade students Keith Holley, Jasminn Bort, Meadow Waterhouse, and Kalib Bruska; Third grade students Isaiah Rogers, Mason Trumble, and Emma Francisco; Fourth grade students Bailey Welling, Zachary Eggleton, and Anthony Epolito; Fifth grade students Megan Lupton, Sara Burnett, Rebecca Bailey, and Tiarah Bennett; and Sixth grade students Joseph Cocozza, Jacquline Knoblock, Donald Royce, and Bianca Wood.

Fairgrieve -Respectful-Dec

Fairgrieve Elementary School students honored for being Respectful pictured are: Kindergarten students Mia Aldasch, Monae Fenty, Taylor Hull, and Natalie Guile; First grade students Andrew Mitchell, Harleigh Arnold, Hanna Cook, and Alyssa Durval; Second grade students Devyne Ferebee, Zachary Hamilton, Caitlyn Searor, and Mandy Allen; Third grade students Arianna Schmeer, Aiden Demars, and Eric Orlosky; Fourth grade students Noah Miner, Ryan Bruska, and Morgan Zukowski; Fifth grade students Faith Mazzaroppi, Annabelle Dickens, Chyanne Dillingham, and Devanee Sabin; and Sixth grade students Anthony Bennett, Eric Miller, Zachary Colloca , and Alexandra Conzone.

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