Fishing and Winter Trail Reports for March 23, 2010

This report a courtesy of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

The following notice has been posted for Lake Ontario waters:
Remember the area around the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Facility is off limits to boating. The restricted area stretches 1,000 yards offshore and extends from the Alcan plant to the Sunset Bay area along Lake Ontario, east of the city of Oswego.

Oswego River/Lake Ontario report:
Oswego River report:
With heavy rain overnight, the water level has risen over 15,000cfs and it may continue to climb. This is making fishing along the river difficult to impossible in some areas along the river. With the high water and cool rainy weather Monday and today, there has not been a lot of activity. When conditions cooperate, steelhead and brown trout are both hitting on beads, stickbaits, worms, minnows, egg sacs and white bucktail jigs.

Salmon River/Pulaski Area report:
According to Whitaker’s Sport Shop & Motel:
On Monday we had scattered rain showers during the day along with heavy rain showers overnight. The few anglers we spoke with reported getting into some fish in the upper end of the river between Altmar and Pineville and some of the smaller local tributaries. However, after the heavy rain showers the smaller tributaries will most likely be running high and dirty. The Salmon River is running high (1600cfs) and the lower end of the river is off color with runoff. Scattered rain showers are in the forecast so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:
Fishing was reportedly pretty good over the weekend and into yesterday. However, with significant rain yesterday and overnight the water gauge is still going up. This should continue to bring in new fish, but we will also need to keep an eye on the level the next few days. Right now the gauge at Pineville is over 1800 cfs. This means that the DSR is well over 2000cfs. Please keep an eye on the report because in the event that water flow gets dangerous we will temporarily close for safety reasons.

Oneida Lake report:
We are currently in the transition period from ice fishing to open water fishing.

Sandy Pond report:
According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:
There is very little activity on the pond at this time as we transition into spring and open water fishing.

Winter Trail Reports:
The winter trail reports have ended for the season. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to being with you next season.