Fishing Reports for January 28, 2011

This report a courtesy of Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning. Our staff would like to wish you a safe and Happy New Year.

Oswego River report:

The water flow has been under 5,000 cfs for the last couple of days running at 4,390 cfs this morning. Although the temperatures have moderated somewhat, the river remains full of slush and difficult to fish in many areas. In the meantime, places such as the kiddie pool and Lock 7 would be suggested areas.

Salmon River report:

According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:

The slightly warmer temperatures have opened up some of the lower end. The few anglers on the run today are being rewarded with some nice fish. I have been told that white, blue and pink egg sacs were the bait of choice with beads and black stone flies producing a few fish as well. The water level is expected to remain at 285 cfs through Monday.

According to Whitaker’s Sport Shop and Motel:

Over the last few days the weather did improve and the temperature reached into the 30’s. The most fishable water is from Rt2A to Altmar. Shelf ice is still a factor in the lower end of the river along the edges. Suggested areas to fish would be the Lower Fly Fishing Area, below the Altmar bridge, Schoolhouse Pool, Wire Hole, Ellis Cove, Bovines, Trestle Pool, Refrigerator, Pineville, Sportsman and the Compactor.

Oneida Lake report

The ice fishing on Oneida Lake continues to be good. There have been some issues with the amount of snow on the lake after last week’s lake effect snowfall making it a bit more difficult to get around. The area around Lewis Point has had fair to good walleye fishing. Reports are indicating that the Constantia area is very active with walleye and perch and Big Bay has been producing some nice catches of perch and crappies.

Sandy Pond report:

According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:

The fishing on the pond is very good – it has picked up again with the warmer temperatures. There are 7-9 inches of ice but use some caution with ATVs along the edges as there is a good amount of slush in those areas. It’s suggested that you bring a shovel in case you need to get out of a sticky spot. Fathead and buckeye minnows, spikes and grubs are suggested baits.

Winter Trail report:

Cross-Country Skiing report:

According to the Winona Forest Recreation Association:

Temperatures have been warmer the last few days – a nice change after some bitter cold temperatures from early in the week. The trails are hard packed with about a 13 inch base. The Winterfest Try-It Race is being rescheduled for February with a date to be determined very shortly.

According to Hugh Quinn of the Osceola Tug Hill Ski Club:

We continue to receive a little snow each day. Skiers are enjoying the warmer temperatures after the bitter cold earlier this week. The trails are groomed with a 14-20 inch base and 36-44 inches through the woods and a packed powder/powder surface.

Snowmobiling report:

According to the Pulaski-Boylston Snowmobile Club:

The following trails have been groomed: C5A from Albion Cross to Pulaski (Ponderosa…etc), groomer barn –C5A to Rte. 17 Boylston, all Boylston area club trails, S51 to Redfield. Groomers were out yesterday finishing the secondary trails in our system. Also, watch the signs for the re-route at S51A in Boylston as we are still awaiting our permit!

According to the Square Valley Trail Blazers:

All trails have been groomed in the last couple of days. Section 2 (Co. Rte. 32 to Parish), Section 4 (Happy Valley) and Section 5 (Stone Hill Rd. to Frank Bryant Rd. to Jamison Corners) are in good to excellent shape. The remaining trails are in fair to good condition.

According to the Mexico Trail Riders Snowmobile Club:

Get ready Palermo…. The Bell is done!!! Chris finished the last of it and Ron went over to pick her up, and groomed all the way back to Palermo. On Tuesday, Jim and I groomed S52 to Pulaski via the railbed and hit the Town Park on the way home. We have plenty of snow to cut the moguls and choppy areas so we were able to leave a smooth finish when we were done. Monday, Phil and Tucker 2 groomed to Phoenix on S56 and S52B. S52 from Simplear’s to Parish and back was done last night. Things have set up nicely so now that it’s warm, get out and enjoy the ride.

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