Fishing Reports for March 30, 2012

This report courtesy of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

Oswego River report:

According to Larry Muroski of Larry’s Oswego Salmon Shop:

The water level dropped again yesterday to about 2,000cfs and as of this morning is running at 1900cfs. Look for activity throughout the river with the best action still at the dam with an excellent steelhead bite. Suggested baits are egg sacs, black stoneflies, black woolly buggers, minnows, pink and green power bait worms and nightcrawlers. Perch are active at the lock in Phoenix taking minnows and bullhead are active in Ox Creek in Fulton and at Wright’s Landing. Anglers have been enjoying some good brown trout action along the lake shoreline east of the harbor using stickbaits.

Pulaski Area/ Salmon River report:

According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:

The brown trout fishing continues to be very good along the lake shoreline. The water depth varies depending on the day – anywhere from 6 to 25 feet of water. Stickbaits on flat lines and off planer boards along with small spoons in blue and silver and black and silver are getting the job done.

According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:

Fishing slowed a bit today from the last few days; colder temperatures likely had the fish off the bite. For our guests bead fishing remains successful along with nymph fishing. I was told caddis patterns once again were the key to success. Of the fish caught today most were drop-back steelhead. The water flow currently is running at 900cfs and the water temperature remained at 39 degrees.

According to Whitaker’s Sport Shop & Motel:

Some days the bite is better than others, but anglers are getting into fish around the gravel areas in the mid to upper section of river. If you’re looking for dropbacks, the heads and tailouts of the larger pools have produced the best results with fish suspended in the water column. The upper section of river between Altmar and Pineville continues to get the most fishing pressure. For those anglers who are fly fishing, egg patterns and large streamers have produced steady results on a daily basis. For those anglers float fishing or bottom bouncing, egg sacs, pink worms and trout beads have all been productive.

Oneida Lake report:

Early spring fishing is producing perch, bluegills and pumpkinseeds on minnows. Panfish are active in the Big Bay area with spikes, wax worms, and hair jigs working well. Crappies are taking minnows and spikes. The walleye egg take is winding down at the Oneida Fish Hatchery. Visitors can observe the process through Saturday with Sunday a possibility. The hatchery is open from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm with late morning and early afternoon the best times to view the process.

Sandy Pond report:

According to Dave Wood of Woody’s Tackle:

The perch bite has been good on the pond with fathead minnows being the choice of bait. Crappies are active in the channel and around the boat launches and the bullhead bite has been steady.

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  1. bass are hitting like crazy but only around the back of the lake near the spawning grouds 16ft in dept is what ive been doing best in crappies to on small silver diver bass i been using buzz bait jerk bait an pumkin seed brush hog.. best of luck to all

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