Fitzhugh Park Recognizes Sixth Graders

Submitted Article

OSWEGO, NY – Mike Chetney was the recipient of the New York State Comptrollers Award as the sixth graders of the Fitzhugh Park Elementary School ended their career at the eastside school.

Chetney along with Zachary DelBrocco and Chelsea Legates were also the recipients of the New York State Attorney General’s “Triple C” award.

Mike Chetney, Chelsea Legates and Zachary DelBrocco earned the “Triple C” award at the Fitzhugh Park Elementary School sixth grade recognition ceremonies. Chetney also earned the New York State Comptrollers Award. Proudly posing with the students are sixth grade teachers Ed Fayette, Carol Carroll, Principal Linda Doty and Tom Gibbons.The year-end ceremonies provided an emotional experience for students and staff as the seven years at Fitzhugh Park have come to an end and the next step will be to attend seventh grade at Oswego Middle School.

Graduates in Carol Carroll’s class included Alexander Azzarelli, Quenton Bailey, Jessica Behr, Nicole Beverley, Brandon Carpenter, Rowan Coe, Samantha Cutro, Zachary DelBrocco, Brett Ecke, Katherine Finn, Andrew Graham, Brittany Ketcham, Daniel Littlefield, Dalton McHenry, Erin McManus, Breanna Merz, Lee Perry III, Makenzi Pittsley, Esther Rubinow, Sean Tracy, Jan Vivlemore and Tyler Walker.

In Ed Fayette’s class the students moving to OMS included Mikaela Barber, Trevor Boni, Alex Borland, Brooke Broadwell, Colton Brown, Nicholas Cornelius, David DeLand, David Duvall, Chelsea Legates, Justin Morrison, Christopher Murphy, Derek Pelkey, Samantha Scheinert, Zachery Searor, Garrett Skinner, Alexander Stanford, Katrina Tafler, Brooke Votra, Madisyn Whalen and Isabella Winklestine.

Tom Gibbons’ students advancing to seventh grade included Zachery Abraham, Brittany Alton, Michael Anthony Jr., Brittani Boyer, Michael Chetney, Chianna Cummings, Carrie Gilbert, Jeremy Hankey, Jake Jones, Dylan Kimball, Morgan Mulkerin, Courtney Richardson, Ashley Robbins, Justin Sharlow, Michael Shumway, Sean Skinner, Amelia Stevens, Jessica Thomas, Dalton Tracy, Stephen Waite and Ashley Wettering.

Several students also received the Presidential Gold Awards: Zachery DelBrocco, Katherine Finn, Daniel Littlefield, Breanna Merz, Esther Rubinow, Mikaela Barber, Alex Borland, David DeLand, Chelsea Legates, Justin Morrison, Garrett Skinner, Madisyn Whalen, Michael Chetney, Jake Jones and Morgan Mulkerin.

Earning President Silver Awards were Samantha Cutro, Erin McManus, Ian Vivlemore, Tyler Walker, Trevor Boni, Crooke Farnsworth, Chris Murphy, Isabella Winklestine, Michael Anthony, Chianna Cummings and Justin Sharlow.