Fulton Block Builders Continue to Receive Support

Paul Foster, Klara Stellingwerf, Cassandra Nelson, Seth Nawrocki, Joe Heppell and Heather Sturges; Foster Funeral Home staff are seen here after presenting Linda Eagan with a check to support the Fulton block Builder program.

FULTON, NY – Cassandra Nelson, Funeral Director and General Manager at Foster Funeral Home recently presented Linda Eagan with a check in support of the Fulton Block Builder (FBB) matching grant program.

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Paul Foster, Klara Stellingwerf, Cassandra Nelson, Seth Nawrocki, Joe Heppell and Heather Sturges; Foster Funeral Home staff are seen here after presenting Linda Eagan with a check to support the Fulton block Builder program.

“Foster Funeral Home has been watching the enthusiasm grow in the city and believes in trust, honesty and commitment to our community. FBB’s mission to Restore City Pride -One Block at a Time is a program Foster Funeral Home is proud to support,” said Nelson.

The FBB Block Challenge is well under way for 2019, with 24 different neighborhoods committed to make exterior improvements and revitalize their properties.

The application process encouraged groups of neighbors to collaborate, build confidence in Fulton’s neighborhoods and inspire others to reinvest.

Each awarded property owner in a Challenge Block will receive a dollar-for-dollar match on exterior improvements (approved in the application).

Since 1919 Rudolph P. Foster, Clifford C. Foster, and Paul E. Foster have been serving the Fulton-Hannibal and Central New York Community. During that time, they have established a strong, reliable reputation and professional services that area families benefit from.

This past year, the funeral home was sold to Greg Rollings, a licensed funeral director out of Georgia. This is the fourth funeral home purchase in NYS for Greg and his wife.

“We are a family owned operation committed to keeping all of our funeral homes locally operated. What that means in Fulton is that you will see all of the same staff and receive all of the same specialized care. Over the years, times may have changed but our commitment never has. We are caring professionals, you and your family, can rely on when needed the most,” Rollings explained.

Additionally, Eagan received a $1,500.00 donation from Zach Menter, President and CEO of Oswego County Ambulance Service.

: Fulton Block Builder receives support from Menter Ambulance taking them closer to their fundraising goal.

This donation makes Menter a NEIGHBORHOOD PRIDE LEADER as a Fulton Block Builder (FBB) Sponsor.

“Menter Ambulance has always had great commitment to the Fulton community and is currently in the process of expanding staff and services for our area. We are particularly pleased that when they have so much going on internally, they still took time to support the FBB program. It’s very inspiring,” said Eagan.

Oswego County Ambulance Service, locally known as Menter Ambulance Service, is a private ambulance service whose main headquarters is in Fulton, NY. Their service provides Advanced Life Support emergency ambulance transport, and non-emergent transportation.

Zach Menter said he’s been watching the changes brought about by the Block Builder program and wanted to become involved. Linda thanks Zach for the very generous donation.

Every dollar FBB raises is matched 2-to-1 by the Shineman Foundation up to $150,000.00.

To learn more about the program visit the FBB website: https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com/apply/