Fulton City 2015 Election Results

FULTON, NY – While the 2015 election seemed uneventful for Fulton voters, the results are in for the contested races in city council and legislature.

Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. ran uncontested as did three incumbent council seats in the first ward, fourth ward and sixth ward.

However, the second ward, third ward and fifth ward saw one incumbent and five all new candidates running for their council seat.

With 1,106 out of the 1,176 total votes, Woodward held his place as mayor of Fulton for another term.

For uncontested incumbent city council seats: Conservative Thomas Kenyon recovered his seat for first ward councilor, Republican James Myers recovered his seat for fourth ward councilor, and Democrat Lawrence Macner recovered his seat for sixth ward councilor.

The fight for second ward councilor went in favor of Conservative David B. Ritchie with nearly 75% of the vote over Democrat opponent Ernesto Garcia.

Newcomer Donald R. Patrick Jr. for the Democratic party won the council seat for third ward with 69% of the vote over Republican Timothy Crandell, also a newcomer.

Incumbent of the fifth ward, Norman J. Foster for the Republican party reclaimed his seat on the council with 80% of the vote over Conservative challenger Daniel Cunningham.

The new results leave the city council wards split equally with two republicans, two democrats and two conservatives. To tip the scale in one direction, Mayor Woodward acts as the third republican for the council.

Mayor Woodward looks forward to another term in office, especially in regards to some of the large projects already underway for the city of Fulton.

“I’m excited to see the Nestles site develop and the continued efforts of the lake clean up. I want to get more developing and turn our tax situation around, we’ve been hit hard with losses here in Fulton,” said Woodward.

Districts 22, 24 and 25 of the County Legislature all ran races that serve the Fulton area.

For District 22, incumbent James Karasek very closely beat out his Democratic challenger, James Rice with 52% of the vote.

Incumbent Daniel Farfaglia in the 24th District also ran a tight race with his Republican opponent, Peter E. Holmes. Farfaglia reclaimed his place in the 24th District of the County Legislature with 52% of the vote.

Votes came in favor of Democratic incumbent Frank Castiglia Jr. of the 25th district, tallying in with 55% of the vote over Republican challenger, Louella LeClair.

Overall voter turnout for the city of Fulton remained relatively low.

While he acknowledged that there was no major controversy in this years election for Fulton, Mayor Woodward “wished more people would’ve turned out.”

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