Fulton City Court Judge Announces Candidacy For November Election

Fulton City Court Judge David H. Hawthorne has announced his run for election this November for a full term of the position he currently holds. Hawthorne was appointed City Court Judge effective January 1, 2013, by Mayor Ronald L. Woodward, Sr. to replace Judge Spencer J. Ludington.

Ludington was elected last fall to be the County’s Surrogate Court Judge.

Judge Hawthorne has practiced law in the City of Fulton for twenty five years and has served as Fulton City Attorney. His practice has concentrated in real estate, criminal, family, municipal and estate matters.

Hawthorne is a graduate of SUNY Oswego and Syracuse University College of Law. He recently served on the board of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority and is also a former member of the Attorney Grievance Committee. He is a native of Fulton where he lives with his wife Lisa and daughter Olivia.

Judge Hawthorne is confident that he has the temperament and experience to perform the duties of the office of City Judge faithfully and impartially. He also feels very comfortable with the position since being appointed, stating: “The competence and professionalism of the court staff is overwhelming. I would like to continue in the tradition of Judge Ludington by doing what I can to perpetuate those qualities.”