Fulton Council Changes Next Meeting Date, Public Hearing Scheduled

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Common Council has changed its next regular council meeting date from Tuesday, November 6 to be held the following day on Wednesday, November 7 as to not interfere with Tuesday’s general election.

The Nov. 7 regular meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Common Council Chambers of the Fulton Municipal Building located at 141 S. First St.

Following the public comment portion opening the meeting, a public hearing is scheduled to take place regarding a proposed amendment to Chapter 640 of City Code entitled “Zoning” regarding taxicab companies.

Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. explained that the proposed change is to add taxicab companies as permissible properties zoned for manufacturing.

The change stems from a recent purchase allowing the expansion of Nu-Cab, a Fulton based taxi company.

A privately owned four-acre property at the corner of Morrill Place and Phillips Street was recently purchased by Nu-Cab owner, Whnata LoCastro.

LoCastro intends on building a pole barn on the property to serve as the company’s main office and housing location for taxi cabs.

As the property is currently zoned for manufacturing, Woodward said current city code does not include taxi cab companies under this zoning. The purpose of the change will be to add taxi cab companies as allowable businesses under both manufacturing and commercial zoning.

“I’m definitely in favor of it,” Woodward said. “I think it’s wonderful they want to keep their business here.”