Fulton Fire Department Awards Current Members, Honors Those Lost In Service

FULTON, NY – Fulton Fire Chief David Eiffe led the first exclusive Fulton Fire Department ceremony honoring four of Fulton’s firefighters killed in the line of duty throughout department history and also awarded current members for their hard work and dedication.

In the 114 year history of the Fulton Fire Department, four line of duty deaths have been recorded. Chief Eiffe and the Fulton Fire Department hung a wreath in their honor followed by the traditional custom of rendering final honors with the “striking of the four fives,” a historic announcement of a line of duty death.

“Four of our own have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Each of these men varied in years of service, rank and age. But all of these men had one thing in common, the calling to serve. In Albany, NY at the State Capital there is a monument that pays tribute to those who have come before us and have passed on while in the line of duty. On that wall lives the four names of our hometown heroes, our people, some of Fulton’s bravest,” Chief Eiffe said.

Firefighter (FF) Floyd Adel lost his life in service to the City of Fulton on December 4, 1914. When installing a new fire alarm box at Fourth and Fay streets for the Nestle Food Company, one of his legs encased in climbers came in contact with a live wire and 2300 volts of electricity, killing FF Adel instantly.

Nearly one year later, FF Leon J. Hammond was killed in the line of duty on November 30, 1915. FF Hammond was operating at the scene of a freight house building fire near N. Third and Oneida streets when he was caught under falling blocks as the south wall of the freight house gave way and he was buried under five to six tons of concrete blocks.

Assistant Chief Ellsworth P Rude gave his life in the line of duty on June 12, 1927 when he was exiting the scene a house fire, lost his footing, and suffered a tree branch through his throat causing his death by asphyxiation. Though life saving measures were immediately performed, his injury was too severe. At the time of his death, Assistant Chief Rude was the oldest firefighter in the department and had recorded 43 years of service.

The final line of duty death in the Fulton Fire Department took place on February 16, 1961. Firefighter George Brewer had reported not feeling well on scene but insisted on performing routine duties. While en-route to fuel the engine, it was reported that the engine went through a barricade for a water department excavation at Rochester and South First streets and that the inside wheels had passed over the five foot deep excavation and come to rest inches from a utility pole. FF Brewer was found slumped over the wheel.

“We pause and reflect on these men, men that wore the same uniform as we do. Men that loved their community like we do. Men that went to work and never returned to their families. It is incumbent upon us to remember them, honor them and continue to do the work they started so many years ago,” Chief Eiffe said.

Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. recognized the Fulton Fire Department for their commitment to the community in so many ways throughout its long and proud history.

“We all know the firemen when they fight the fires, but I will tell you from working with (the Fulton Fire Department) they do a lot more in this community besides fires. They are a huge part and one of the backbones, one of the outfits in the city that makes the city what it is – a friendly city and a safe city. I know they have a lot of kindness in their hearts and they reach out and help people,” Mayor Woodward said.

Since Chief Eiffe’s inception as Fulton Fire Chief, the department has established “an apparatus fleet that is the newest, most modern fleet ever owned as a department, has an officer corp. that has received more training and certificates in the last two years than cumulatively as a department ever, resurrected a broken fire safety inspection program and implemented a community risk reduction program, constructed a leadership development model and increased service calls to the community, instated programs like a smoke detector installation program, a child safety seat program, a Stop-the-Bleed program and the ability to teach community members and stakeholders how to do CPR and use an AED and, with help of community stakeholders, was able to establish funds to revamp fire safety programs to address children, teens, adults and seniors alike.”

“We are happy to be partners in our community to make it a safer place to work, live and play in by being proactive with a goal to reduce fire, rescue and medical events in our community. I am proud to report to you that your fire department is a very relevant, professional, caring and educated department. A department staffed with professionals who are ready to serve this community everyday,” Chief Eiffe said.

For those reasons, 24 of the 38 members making up four crews of the Fulton Fire Department were awarded by Chief Eiffe and Assistant Chief Shane Laws.

Awards were given as follows:

Attendance Award:
Two Years In Service Without Absence: Firefighter (FF) Bill Falanga, FF Mike Tetro, FF Nick Tyler, FF Terry Recore
Three Years In Service Without Absence: Assistant Chief Shane Laws, FF Shawn Simoneau
14 Years In Service Without Absence: FF Bob Summerville

Academy Graduate Award: FF Alex Hamblin

Mayoral Commendation Award: (in groups)

  • FF Chris Adkins, FF Shawn Simoneau, FF Rob Rosenbarker, FF Mark Gentile, and FF Terry Recore for maintaining the apparatus or stations above and beyond what would be considered normal duty.
  • Lt Ryan Maxam, FF Dan O’Mara, FF Nick Tyler, FF Kyler Gardner, FF Kevin Niver, FF Mark Gentile, FF Rob Rosenbarker, FF Shawn Simoneau, FF Kevin Wiltsie, FF Nick Williams, FF Jack Howard, FF Kevin Davis, FF Tyler Perez, FF Terry Recore, and FF Alan Baker for being integral parts in moving the department ahead in effort to enforce fire safety codes within the city.

Chiefs Commendation – Honorable Service Award: FF Shawn Simoneau, FF Terry Recore, FF Rob Rosenbarker, FF Jack Howard, FF Daniel O’Mara, Lt. Pete Solinsky, Captain Adam Howard, FF Bill Falanga, FF Nick Tyler.

Life-Saving Awards: (in groups)

  • Assistant Chief Laws, New York State Police Sgt. Brent Fosco, Menter Paramedic Wes Loomis, and FF Shawn Simoneau for a water rescue of an individual in an overturned boat in May 2018.
  • FF Nick Williams and FF Chris O’Mara, Menter Paramedic Wes Loomis and Menter EMT Meghan Ransford for quickly reversing severe and life-threatening effects of an allergic reaction to a bee sting suffered by a 24-year-old in August 2018.
  • FF Kevin Davis, FF Nick Tyler and FF Mike Somers, Menter EMT Werth, and Menter Paramedic Drake for rescuing a 77-year-old female with an obstructed airway in severe respiratory distress using life-saving measures with a suction unit.

Meritorious Service Award:(in groups)

  • FF Terry Recore and FF Alan Baker for removing an elderly women from a home alterted to toxic levels of carbon monoxide and providing prompt care after she had inadvertently leaving a car running for several hours in an attached garage in July 2018.
  • Assistant Chief Shane Laws, FF Terry Recore, and FF Alan Baker for an ice rescue of two stranded adults and one dog on the Oswego River in December of 2017. Their actions were recognized on the floor of Congress by Congressman John Katko in February 2018.

Chiefs Achievement Award: Assistant Chief Shane Laws for his effort and dedication to the department and his service to the community with great passion and respect.

Exceptional Duty Award: Lieutenant Ryan Maxam for his commitment to the improvement and advancement of the department and specifically the fire safety inspection codes program.

“As Fire Chief I am very proud to lead such a fine group of men and women. The Fulton Fire Department is full of caring, professional, dedicated, well trained and hard working individuals. The community of Fulton is very lucky to have such a fine group of people that don these uniforms and make the daily commitment to keep the community safe. As a department it is our purpose is to reduce the risk of medical, rescue and fire events that occur in this city and to improve the quality of life for its residents. I can assure you that we will accomplish this as a department and as individuals by ensuring that we are Knowledgeable, Innovative, Involved and Relevant,” Chief Eiffe said.