Fulton Jr. High Students Perform In Oswego County Choral Festival

The Oswego County Choral Festival, April 1-2 at G. Ray Bodley High School, featured both junior and senior high school all-county choral groups. Students from the Fulton Junior High School who participated in All-County Chorus are front, left to right: Destiny Boiko, Abby Field, Dawn Deaton, Brandon Webb, Katie Salmonsen, Althea Henderson and Emily Hein. Middle, left to right: Julia Polly, Kennedie Coyne, Markus Harter, Quinn Webb, Erica Pawlewicz, Justin Grower, Cecelia Jean LevyaBran, and Devon Robinson. Back, left to right: Danielle Parker, Zach Perry, Steve Heywood, Kaitlyn Kinney, Kim Perry, Abby Roberge, Genesis Loetterle, Erica Perwitz. Their teachers are Cathy Chirello and Dolores Walrath.