Fulton Legislator Won’t Seek Re-Election

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Submitted by Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.
During my campaign for election to the Oswego County Legislature in the 25th District in 2013, I made promises to the voters. I promised to always be transparent. I promised to vote in opposition of non-value-added spending. I promised to put a 3-term limit on myself.

The last one is one that I am looking to fulfill at this time.

I had toyed with the idea of running for one more term because of unfinished business and the fact that there seemed to be a hint of success at the legislative level.

That idea was quickly extinguished by irreconcilable differences between myself and the leaders of my party, at the county level, in regards to the location of the polling location for my district.

In my five years I have been in constant disagreement with the Majority in regards to spending and the false budgets by using the fund balance to balance the budget.

Some of the successes include, being appointed as chairman of a sub-committee looking into the possibility of a county-wide fire district, a possible savings of millions of dollars to the taxpayers of both Fulton and Oswego; pushing for and obtaining a county-wide tipping fee break for all municipalities saving the city of Fulton close to $2 million in tipping fees from the Nestle site; being elected to Minority Leader; asking for and getting the votes on the floor to have the costs of Workman Comp. be covered by the Land bank for the executive director, a savings of almost $5,000 a year for the county taxpayers; bringing to light the non-compliance of a IT issue costs and the saving of almost $500,000 to the county taxpayers.

I would like to thank the voters of the 25th District that voted for me three times.

I did my best to represent you the best way possible; always keeping in mind that the money being spent was your money, not mine.

I will not be seeking a fourth term to represent you at the legislature.

I leave you with my favorite quote, one that I lived by:
“The problem isn’t that the people are taxed too little, the problem is government spends too much”


  1. Thank you for all of your hard work and passionate resolve on behalf of the tax payers. You will be missed.

  2. Frank, although I am not in the area,and reside outside the country, I still follow the local news. Iwanted to thanknyounfor your service to the community. I strongly believe in term limits. I appreciate your advocacy for fiscal resraint and your innovative actions. Great job. Best wishes in the future.

  3. Frank, you have accomplished much in such a short time and with your departure it may bring a return to the old system. Hopefully, there will be some new blood to take over for you and keep turning the rocks over to get to the truth. Steve Young

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