Fulton Public Library Pen Pal Program Set

Beginning August 5 until August 9, the Fulton Public Library will be hosting the Fulton Public Library Mail Call with the Michaud Nursing Home.

The program aims to connect the young patrons of the libraries children’s room with a senior citizen living in the facility to foster intergenerational relationships.

The children will write a letter and or draw pictures to a specific senior citizen that has signed up for the program.

The program leaders, AmeriCorps members Kyle Mosack and Vanessa Langdon, will then deliver the materials to the residents.

All interested community members should stop into the library children’s room to complete a letter or drawing.

The program will run for the duration of the week during the libraries hours of operation, which can be found on www.fultonpubliclibrary.org

Call (315) 592-5159 with any questions concerning the program.