Fulton Rotary Learns About Student Achievement

FULTON, NY – At a recent Fulton Noon Rotary Club meeting, Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch introduced the Fulton School District’s Director of Student Support Services, Geri Geitner.

Geri informed us that a successful support program should assist students in successful learning achievement.

Geri Geitner and William Lynch
Geri Geitner and William Lynch

The goal is to prepare students to be productive members of society and to embrace learning as a worthwhile lifelong endeavor.

The Support Services staff strive to get students to master pre-set learning standards, develop skills for successful social interaction and to be regular in attendance at school.

This last one can be tough – Fulton students missed a total of 48,000 instruction days last year, or about 14 per student.

While this is more or less in line with many school districts, student attendance can be greatly improved.

Geitner reported the the school community is greatly concerned about Fulton’s  drop out rate, which tends to be toward the high end of the state’s school districts.

Our district has a preponderance of students that have lots of issues in their lives, issues that range from student mothers to apathetic parents, to having to be a breadwinner for the family.

Geri also talked about the Dignity for All Students Act, a NYS law that strives to provide learning environments free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

Each school in the district has a DASA coordinator.