Fulton School District welcomes parents to explore math curriculum

To shine a light on the Common Core and the math curriculum, the Fulton City School District recently held two informational programs for parents looking to learn more about the subject.

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Amy Graziano (left) and Marie Mankiewicz (right), parents of students in the Fulton City School District, review math learning strategies with instructional math coach Pam McHenry.

An afternoon “lunch and learn” meeting and another session in the evening provided parents with a plethora of information on mathematics and how it is being taught in Fulton classrooms.

Gathered in the Education Center, parents participated in discussions, reviewed learning packets and asked questions to instructional math coaches Pam McHenry and Lynnette DePoint.

The duo stressed the importance of critical thinking in mathematics.

“With the Common Core, we’re encouraged to use real-world math problems,” McHenry said. “These promote deeper thought and understanding. A lot of the problems revolve around the manipulation of numbers. We want our students to be inquisitive and question why and how.”

For parent Amy Graziano, who has a child in first grade, the Common Core is different from the way she was taught, but she said she’s encouraged by the deep thought process that stems from the new system.

“This is a whole different approach, and I like that he is thinking more in-depth,” she said.

While the instructional math coaches helped clarify some misconceptions about the Common Core and offered a wealth of learning tools, parents were also given a chance to explore the ways math is used in everyday life and how a career in math can be rewarding – personally and financially.

“You get paid well when you’re good at math,” McHenry said, citing a Wall Street Journal article that listed salaries for different jobs. “The highest-paying careers are mathematician, actuary and statistician. The 15 highest earning college degrees are all based in math skills. I look at math as a path to a better life for our students and our children.”

Additional resources for parents and students are available at www.fulton.cnyric.org