Fulton Schools Cut 16 Positions, Put Laid Off Staff on Recall List

Friday morning, 16.6 jobs that existed in the Fulton City School District this past school year will not exist anymore.

The Fulton Board of Education voted to eliminate the 16.6 positions, a move made necessary by the cuts contained in the district’s 2011-12 budget.

The positions eliminated are:

  • Director of Literacy and Universal Pre-K
  • Music teacher
  • Two elementary teaching positions
  • English teacher
  • 2.6 foreign language teaching positions
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Science teacher
  • Social studies teacher
  • Special education teacher
  • Five teaching assistant positions

And for the first time, the resolution abolishing the positions also contained the names of the people who will lose their jobs because of the cuts. There were only 9 names on the list because some positions became open by retirement or resignation.

District Personnel Director Tom Greer said that the people who lost their jobs will go on the district’s Eligible Recall list. People on the list are first to be asked to fill future openings. They can stay on the preference list for 7 years.