Fulton Softball Registration Due

By Mikayla Kemp
FULTON, NY – Many thought it would never happen, but the snow is gone and the sun has found its way to the blue skies of Fulton. With warmer weather bringing people outside after this long winter, Fulton city softball sets sights on their upcoming season.

The deadline to register a team for the spring season is  Friday (April 24), at noon.

Registration forms can be picked up at City Hall clerk’s office or printed offline at www.fultonsoftball.citymax.com and returned to the City Hall clerk’s office when complete.

The Fulton City softball league does not use taxpayers’ money to run. Instead, the league uses all money paid by players in forms of sponsor fees, player fees, umpire fees, and others to run the program.

The majority of these fees are due along with the registration form.

$290 will be due with registration as the league fee, also known as the sponsor fee.

Another $25 is due for the ASA, American Softball Association, fee.

$100 will be used as a forfeit fee. If the team can go the entire season without forfeiting, this fee will be reimbursed to the team.

The forfeit fee is in place to pay the umpires for showing up to games that result in forfeit.

“Those umpires still show up,” said league director Larry King. “They have the right to be paid.”

Each team is allowed two forfeits per season.

The user fee used to consist of each player paying $10 if they lived in the Fulton City limits.

Players outside of the city limits would pay $20.

The league has recently changed this rule to $150 per team, in which case each player generally contributes or however the team captain sees fit.

This fee is due at the team’s first game of the season to pay for the field maintenance and the material and equipment for the league.

The spring season will begin on May 3 with the first game playing at 6 p.m.

There are leagues taking the field each night of the week for different divisions of play.

Monday evenings hold Men’s E-1 and E-2 division play, Tuesday evenings hold Men C-1 division play, Wednesday evenings hold Women B division play, Thursday evenings hold Women C division play and Men B division play, Friday evenings hold Men D1/D2 play and Sunday holds co-ed play.

Games will be played at either Denesha or Foster Park. Denesha, located on William Gillard Drive, is a fenced in field equipped with lights and a scoreboard.

Foster Park, located on Foster Street, is a fenced in field newly equipped with a brand new scoreboard.

King is in his second year as league director.

He has been involved in Fulton softball for years, including being a player since he was 16 years old.

Currently, King has 20 teams signed up for the season.

Last year the league held 28 teams with 15 teams registering in the final week before due.