Fulton to Hold Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Zone Change

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Common Council has announced a public hearing in regards to a proposed zone change on a one block stretch on the city’s west side.

The city block surrounding West Broadway, West Third Street, Beech Street and West Fourth Street is currently zoned C-2, Commercial.

The proposed zone change intends to make all properties on the block C-2A, Commercial allowing partial residential uses of the properties.

Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. explained that while some of the properties on the block are currently used for multi-family residential purposes, they are “grandfathered in.”

The zone change proposal encompasses the entire block, but specifically targets the property located at 323 W. Broadway, formerly home to the Italian American Club.

An interested buyer would require a zone change in order to fulfill his desires with the property.

“The person interested in purchasing the property wants to renovate the upstairs to rent as an apartment and use the downstairs as a storage for his business,” Woodward said.

For these purposes, the zoning would need to reflect that of C-2A, Commercial which allows for residential living space on the second floor of the property.

Having been vacant for over a year, the property lost its non-conforming use which previously allowed people to live above the business, thus requiring the proposed action to return to a C-2A.

With the zone change in place, the buyer will offer to purchase the property for $12,500 from the city who gained the property by tax foreclosure, Woodward said.

“We don’t really want to hang on to it. We’ve had it for over a year and this is our first offer. It will be rehabbed and used accordingly,” he continued.

The public hearing is scheduled to take place on February 7 following the public comment section beginning at 7 p.m. in the Common Council Chambers at the Fulton Municipal Building located at 141 S. First St.


  1. This sounds like it could be a opening for a mixed-use property tax break allowing for development. Developer friendly.

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