Funding Request For Sidewalk Program Heads To Council

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OSWEGO – Step on a crack, break your mother’s back?

Not in Oswego.

Mayor Billy Barlow is seeking additional funding to continue a program his administration began in 2016; the city accepted the responsibility to repair and replace sidewalks in front of residential properties,

Prior to that, it was the property owner’s responsibility.
Currently, the city has a backlog of requests.

Like they do each year, the city has exhausted its CHIPS funding, the mayor said.

It was used up for milling and paving streets, he said explaining his request.

The funds are an allotment provided by the state to municipalities based on a formula.

The work plan will come from the councilors, who have been contacted by residents, the mayor said.

“There are some (sidewalk sections) that are in real bad shape in different areas,” he said

They will pick the ones most in need of repair and that pose a danger to people.

He cautioned the councilors not to submit 20 or 30 that they want all done

“Send us the top there or five that need to get done,” he said. “That’s how we’ll get started on this.”

The mayor requested $80,000 be earmarked to replace and repair more residential sidewalks in neighborhoods this summer.

Home owners should contact their councilor to generate a work order request, the mayor said.

The requests will be prioritized, based on volume of pedestrian traffic in the area and safety.

The work will be performed by the DPW over the late summer and early fall.

“Our goal this year is that all seven wards get at least some work done,” Barlow said

The Administrative Services Committee sent the request to the full council for consideration.