Fundraiser Set for Family of Janell Granger

Janell Granger with her daughter, Dariyn “Parsey” Parks.
Janell Granger with her daughter, Dariyn “Parsey” Parks.

Ever since September 10th, when she got the tragic news that her 25 year-old niece had taken her own life, Michele DuBois said she has thought a lot about how important and valuable every member of the family is. “There is no way to compare grief and it’s a terrible insult to imagine what someone else is feeling. The death of a child, at any age, is one of the cruelest blows life has to offer. My niece was a gorgeous, smart, and sweet girl who leaves behind tons of people who loved her.” She refers to Janell’s beautiful 2 ½ year-old daughter who was very attached to her, her mother, to whom she was an only child; her father and step-mother who loved her very much – a boyfriend, grandparents, a half-brother, step-brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, many more relatives and a whole lot of friends and acquaintances. “Everyone who knew her loved her. You can’t take someone like that away and not leave a gaping void.”

Burying your own child has been called “a perversion of nature,” and is too difficult to wrap your mind around. What parent has ever considered having to do this? Most of us care more about our children than life itself, and we cannot afford to entertain that thought, so there is no preparation. It’s something we sincerely hope doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Ms. DuBois says, “There’s nothing that anyone can do about the emotional turmoil we’re left with, but I feel like I have to do something to help these people I love so much. I know there is nothing I can do to comfort them – everyone just wants her back. All we can do now is try to ease the burden of the cost of the funeral for my brother and Janell’s mother.” Her step-sister and brothers just held a spaghetti dinner fundraiser sponsored by the Crazy Gator in Fulton, which had tremendous support from the community. Next they’ll be holding a Chicken BBQ/Benefit.

The fundraiser will be held on Saturday, November 13th at the Fulton Elk’s lodge located at 57 Pierce Drive beginning at noon until sold-out. Cost for the dinner is $8.00 and includes half a chicken, salt potatoes, baked beans, bread & butter. In addition there will be raffles (featuring a 32” HDTV flatscreen, and a lottery board), 50/50’s, door prizes and more. All proceeds will go to the family to cover funeral expenses.

Advance group orders are welcome, and there will be free delivery to Fulton and Oswego for any orders of ten or more. Please call 532-1160, or email [email protected] by Thursday, November 11th for advance orders. “We welcome the community, friends and family to join us,” and Michele says, “If you can find a picture or memories you’d like to share, please bring them along.”


  1. To the family, friends, and loved ones,
    You and your family are in my thoughts. I am a sibling survivor of suicide…3 years ago we lost our brother when he took his own life. You are the voice for Janelle now and don’t ever let anyone quiet you from speaking of her life, and her tragic passing. It is not to be taboo…no one’s life or death should be in vain. I think you are doing a wonderfully beautiful thing by holding this fundraiser. The (AFSP) American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a GREAT tool for healing and meeting others going through what you are. They are also on facebook. My thoughts are with you and Janelle’s daughter.

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