Garbage Fees May Rise in Fulton

Fulton city lawmakers will vote next month on a proposal to raise the fee for picking up garbage by $24 per year.

It’s the first effect of the work towards a 2013 budget, according to Mayor Ron Woodward.

He said that the city’s garbage budget is running $50,000 in the red.  The increase will cover the entire deficit, he said.

The proposal would raise the quarterly fee for picking up garbage and refuse from $39 per quarter to $45.

Garbage, water and sewer fees are not part of the city’s property tax bill and are handled through an entirely separate budget from the rest of the city’s operations and services.

City lawmakers are spending their Saturday mornings reviewing plans for next year’s budget.  The next session is Saturday at 9:00 a.m.


  1. Do we know why the budget is in the red? Is it just increasing expenses, or are there people who are not paying for the service? Or have fees increased for dumping at the ERF and Landfill? I think our trash pickup folks do a great job. I’m just wondering if there are better management controls that could be put in place to prevent such a deficit from occurring in the future.

  2. The mayor has been hiding the fact that the city is broke. My spy tells me that is what he is telling his cronies in his secret meetings. The city water system, snow plows, etc. all have much deferred maintenance. The city has a problem with the empty factories with asbestos removal, and non payment of taxes. He lost a lot of tax revenue by not dealing with the vacant homes, but tried the house flipping business using city workers, hiding the true cost. It is all about to blow up, all while the apathetic people sleep. Choice; even higher taxes in the highest taxed city in NY or bankruptcy.

  3. i think it about time we stop placing blame and start working together. if the city goes broke it will hurt all of us grandy, vonley, republican, decorati, conv, liberal, fire and police dpw certain people in the city should not be taking pictures of city workers, trying to destory what good for city its work force

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