Grand Jury: Trooper’s Shooting Of A Man Was Justified

A still frame from one of Joshua Davies' YouTube videos.
A still frame from one of Joshua Davies' YouTube videos.

An  Oswego County grand jury has cleared a State Trooper who shot to death a man at a traffic stop in Mexico in August.

The grand jury found Trooper Paul Darmody-Latham’s actions were justified.

He shot to death Joshua Davies during a traffic stop August 21 along Route 69 in Mexico.

A news release from the District Attorney’s office said that the grand jury met on September 3 and 17 to hear evidence.

Police alleged that Davies came at the Trooper with a knife, that  Darmody-Latham ordered Davies three times to stop, and shot Davies because he did not stop.

Davies had posted many videos on YouTube criticizing police and maintaining that he was going to follow them.


  1. just seems to me that something might have been overdone, but without knowing what the witnesses saw and or heard that night, all we have is the words of the state police. i’m sure that they wouldn’t try to protect each other though, would they?

  2. It is sad that sombodys life had to end. But If the police Trooper told him to put the knife down and he did not what is the trooper suppose to do?????? This is an individual that was known for critizing the local law enforcers and was also known for threatening them…..

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