Hannibal High School students earn scholarships

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Hannibal High School students during a year-end awards ceremony June 18.

The funding, which came in the form of grants, scholarships and awards, will help defray some of the costs for students to attend college.

Hannibal Central School District seniors Zane Pointon, Devin Sorell and Charles McCraith are all smiles after receiving $500 each in Country Cruizers scholarship funds during an awards ceremony June 18.
Hannibal Central School District seniors Zane Pointon, Devin Sorell and Charles McCraith are all smiles after receiving $500 each in Country Cruizers scholarship funds during an awards ceremony June 18.

“Each recipient has demonstrated a level of hard work and discipline that leads to achievement and success,” said High School Principal Jim Chupaila. “I would like to personally congratulate them.”

Joining Chupaila on stage to congratulate the 69 award-winners were Superintendent Donna Fountain and Athletic Director Pat Keefe. The trio presented students with a number of awards, while others were presented by community members, school personnel, clubs and business representatives.

The Hannibal Dollars for Scholars organization presented the awards bearing its namesake to Makayla Fowler, Meagan Gage, Natasha Waloven, Dustin Ouellette, Benjamin Slate, Samantha Holmes, Brenten Kapuscinski and Billy Skipper. The organization also presented Country Cruizers Awards to Devin Sorell, Charles McCraith and Zane Pointon; the Shumway Scholarship to Malana Scott; the Sterling Stage Scholarship to Elyssa Terry-Derycke; the Trooper Amanda Anna Memorial Scholarship to Gabrielle Griffin; and the Dale Osborn Scholarship to Elyssa Terry-DeRycke.

The following other scholarships and awards were also presented:

Valedictorian Award (Elyssa Terry-DeRycke); Salutatorian Award (Gabrielle Griffin); U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award (Elyssa Terry-DeRycke); U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards (Charles McCraith and Page McKenzie); U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award (Zane Pointon); Jennifer Joyce Memorial Award (Olivia Cacchione); Agnes H. Meade Memorial Award (Erin Sly); Terry Weldin Memorial Award (Benjamin Raymond); Senior Student Council Citizenship Award (Malana Scott); Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award (Liam Mason); Hannibal Free Library Memorial Award (Makayla Fowler); LeMoyne College Heights Award (Olivia Cacchione); Alpha Iota Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma (Makayla Fowler); Outstanding Senior Athlete Awards (Gregory Hadcock, Benjamin Slate and Devin Sorell); Oswego County Board of Realtors Award (Charles McCraith); Oswego County Counselors’ Association Award (Jessica Stauring); and the Leonard Earl Memorial Awards ( Brittany Clark, Meagan Gage, Gabrielle Griffin, Ashley McKenzie, Zane Pointon, Malana Scott, Erin Sly, Devin Sorell and Natasha Waloven).

Also, the Sandy Nininger Key Club Service Award (Natasha Waloven and Gabrielle Griffin); President’s Award for Academic Achievement (Dallas DeNise, Abigail Dixon, Aaron Gardenier, Samantha Holmes, Charles McCraith, Benjamin Raymond and Nicole Waldron); President’s Award for Academic Excellence (Hunter Beckwith, Brittany Clark, Makayla Fowler, Meagan Gage, Gabrielle Griffin, Brenten Kapuscinski, Alicia Kimpland, Ashley McKenzie, Page McKenzie, Zane Pointon, Thomas Schaperjahn, Malana Scott, Erin Sly, Devin Sorell, Jessica Stauring, Elyssa Terry-DeRycke and Natasha Waloven); New York State Office of the Comptroller Award (Makayla Fowler, Gabrielle Griffin, Zane Pointon, Malana Scott and Natasha Waloven); Fulton Savings Bank Scholarships (Brenten Kapuscinski and Brittany Clark); Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award (Johnna Ball); University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award (Kristen D’Angelo); English Department Award (Natasha Waloven); Frontier Communications Community Spirit Award (Charles McCraith); University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology (Benjamin Harrell); University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award (Spencer Kenney); Russell Sage College Student Recognition Award (Lindsey Wheeler and Austin Donhauser) and U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar-Athlete Award (Benjamin Slate and Jessica Stauring).

Also, RIT Computing Medal Awards (Liam Mason and Olivia Cacchione); New York State Academic Excellence Scholarships (Elyssa Terry-DeRycke, Gabrielle Griffin, Brenten Kapuscinski and Meagan Gage); Fulton Women of Rotary Award (Makayla Fowler); Hannibal Senior Band Achievement Award (Alyssa Mann); Hannibal Senior Choral Achievement Award (Rachel Herrmann); Perfect Attendance Awards ( Samantha Holmes, Chumani Ketcham, Devon Simpkins, Aaron Stone, Ethan Straub, Andrew Wheeler and Lindsey Wheeler); Business Achievement Award (Erin Sly); Hannibal Masonic Lodge Award (Meagan Gage); Science Department Award (Meagan Gage); Hannibal Music Boosters Awards (Chumani Ketcham, Ashley McKenzie and Natasha Waloven); Senior Student Council Scholarship (Zane Pointon); Hannibal Faculty Association Scholarship (Devin Sorell); Hannibal Home and School Scholarship (Makayla Fowler and Malana Scott); A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital Scholarship (Meagan Gage); American Red Cross HS Challenge Scholarship (Zane Pointon); Jeff LaMont Scholarship (Devin Sorell); Oswego Teachers’ Employees Federal Credit Union Scholarship (Charles McCraith); The Elmira Key Award (Michelle Sharkey); U.S. Air Force Awards (Samantha Holes and Dustin Ouellette — technology); Meagan Gage and Zane Pointon –math and science; Erin Sly and Dustin Ouellette –scholar athletes); Hannibal Free Library Annual Award (Makayla Fowler); and Distribution Contractors Association Award (Charles McCraith).

Also, LeMoyne College Trustee Scholarship (Natasha Waloven); Clarkson School Scholars Award (Samuel McCraith); Clarkson Scholarship (Devin Sorell); Messiah College Provost’s Scholarship (Elyssa Terry-DeRycke and Page McKenzie); Janet H. Griswold Memorial Scholarship (Makayla Fowler); Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation & Creativity Award (Benjamin Harrell); Roberts Wesleyan Founders’ Scholarship (Ashley McKenzie); Roberts Wesleyan Alumni Scholarship (Ashley McKenzie); St. John Fisher Founders’ Scholarship (Charles McCraith); SUNY Canton-Betty Evans Endowed Scholarship (Makayla Fowler); Utica School of Commerce Excellence in Business Award (Brenten Kapuscinski); Fulton Savings Bank Scholarship for a student planning to attend SUNY Oswego (Brenten Kapuscinski); and Fulton Savings Bank Scholarship for a student planning to attend CCC (Brittany Clark).