Hannibal Sports Boosters Donates Money to Pay for JV Wrestling

Hannibal, NY — At the Board of Education meeting held on October 14, 2009, the Hannibal Sports Boosters donated a check for $6,840 to pay for the JV Wrestling program. This is the second of four installments, totaling more than $27,000, that will be donated to the Hannibal Central School District to fund JV sports that were eliminated from the 2009-10 budget. JV Football, Fall Cheerleading, JV Wrestling, JV Baseball and JV Softball were all cut from the budget. Because of the early spring timing on JV Football scheduling, it was decided by the District to schedule a Modified 7-9 football program and cut JV Football for the 2009-10 year.

At the August 12th Board meeting, a check for $5,240 was donated for Fall Cheerleading.

These donations are made possible by the fundraising efforts of the Hannibal Sports Boosters, supporters of the Hannibal Wrestling programs, and ultimately, the generous donations of members of the Hannibal and neighboring communities.

In addition to funding the eliminated JV programs, the Sports Boosters are still trying to provide extras for the sports teams. A new scorer’s table will be purchased this fall. It will be identical to the one used at the High School and will be placed in the Kenney Middle School.

The Sports Boosters continue to fundraise and will be working with coaches, student athletes and parents to work year-round to replenish their coffers and be prepared for the future.